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  • Great report but no rating score for Hayes

  • not that it really matters, but I can only imagine that giving Mawson a 6 after he kept wave after wave of Exeter attacks at bay on one leg was a typo!

  • ps great report. Captured the emotion perfectly

  • Great report from a great game. I think Craig deserves a lot of credit for working so hard up front all night, particularly after the loss of Holloway. He may not score many but on nights like that it's good to have players who just won't give up.

  • Credit to all the players , they all put hard work in 100 perc strong team.

  • Good report but for someone not at game what do you mean by "if truth be told Ainsworth should have brought on onyedinma instead of McClure". You only gave Fred a 5 so you're not saying he made much of an impression

  • surely the point was that Fred wasn't fit either. If he had been, he'd have started, I'd have thought. He looked like he was holding back to me and my fellow travellers.

    The other thing I'd add, on a very good match report, is that I'm not so convinced about Wood being targeted. Surely it's just that one of Exeter's and the division's best players - Sercombe - is the Grecians' right winger?

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