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Has Richie finally been unmasked... as Scott Brown??

Compare and contrast...

@rmjlondon said:
shut up, its going about glenn tamplin who nobody gives a flying fuck about and then onto bullshit about how quick u can get away from adams park, I drive 260 mile round trip for a home game every game and won't get home tommorow until 1am and people moan about 20 mins to get out of the carpark.


What's 20 miles between friends? Could this be how Richie knows what's going on in the club all the time? Will our source dry up now that Scott Brown is leaving?


  • in-credible!

  • Sadly Richie’s latest incarnation on this site (his first two efforts got banned) was registered some five-months before Brown signed. Could be mourning the loss of his car share though?

  • If brownie had said the fans need to get a life ainsworth was lucky and I thought luton would walk this league it would have had a bit more credence

  • Everyone clear water @Wendoverman is getting at?

  • What's water got to do with it?

  • Oh, dear. Stoney ground !
    Understandable. I’m showing my age.
    Or is it a case of bad Mooney arising?

  • He’s due for a revival any time now

  • stoning who?

  • I think he's really Lionel Richie. (weak thread link attempt). Taxi for Valley Wanderer!

  • Pointless thread as Richie the Hatter would say.

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