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League 1 odds next season.

Just been browsing the bookies's odds for next season. Our position isn't that surprising given our historic yo-yoing.

However, I was wondering if anyone who's been following L1 more closely than me can shed any light on some of the other predictions.

What's going so wrong at Gillingham right now, and why are Plymouth rated so poorly despite a strong finish?

It's a bit depressing to see Luton being rated joint 4th favourites, and Accy nailed on for relegation too despite them finishing higher...


  • Pompey were always tipped to escape league two and it took a while. I think big teams always have the edge but what were Stanley's odds before the season started of being champions?? That's why football is a bookies dream. Everyone has to get off to a good start. If they don't the big teams find their fans on their backs a bit quicker than perhaps Wycombe and accie will.

  • prices at this time of the season are notoriously ungenerous - I'd steer clear for now unless you have inside information of an impending issue

    Perhaps slightly surprising that we are rated higher than Accrington.

    Can't comment on Gillingham but Plymouth started the season dreadfully before getting on a run. they surprisingly are apparently towards the bottom end of wage budgets (their chairman does not put money into the club for playing staff). It wouldn't massively surprise me to see them struggle , especially if Carey leaves or indeed if the new stand development work affects the wind dynamics at the stadium and prevents those strange sudden gusts of wind that invariably blow Carey off his feet just as he enters the opposition penalty area in the past minute of a tight game.

  • @OxfordBlue - Regarding Luton's odds, you obviously haven't been listening to Uncle Nathan telling everyone how it was a travesty that his boys didn't walk away with the title as they were by far the best team in the division.

  • Will those odds encourage GA to snap up the right offer from a bigger club or increase his motivation to prove the bookies wrong? (Not that he needs that particular incentive.)

  • I suspect neither, Micra.

    I wouldn't have thought anyone would be surprised to see us among the favourites for the drop. Doesn't necessarily mean it has to happen though.

  • Oxford at 7-1 seems a decent bet. Could see it very easily going pear-shaped for them.

    Other than that though I can’t see anything that would tempt me.

  • Managerless Barnsley seen as the best side currently confirmed in Lg1.

    We know they were interested in GA a few months ago. Just saying............

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