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Bayo Akinfenwa - player of the year

Awards night and winners are:

Bayo - player of the year
Dom Gape - young player
Marcus Bean - goal of the season
Michael Harriman - community award


  • My first time at the player awards last night and I enjoyed the experience. The food was only okay but was a buzz to see the highlights and the players were really good in chatting to us and passing around things from the fans to sign. Anthony Stewart went round getting a load of signature which was kind of him. Scott Brown was so wasted it was hilarious. Said everyone was telling him he was going to Cheltenham but he doesn't have any idea what is happening yet. It must be a bit awkward for the players having all these questions about their futures. It must be a bit trying at times but they were so good humoured.

  • My first time too and really enjoyed it. Seeing the various recaps of the season was great but witnessing the togetherness of the team, manager and the club staff along with fans was really great to see. roll on league one! COYB!

  • @colonel_splaffy I agree - I think us fans should hold our tongues when it comes to speculation regarding players contracts and livelihoods.

    It’s one thing speculating on line/social media etc. I just find it incredibly obtuse to think we would directly speculate with a player regarding his future, more so when we have just been promoted.

    Imagine a group of your friends coming up to you speculating whether you will be able to pay your mortgage and feed your children.

    Hats off to Scott Brown, for taking it with a sense of humour. I hope he gets the chance to continue his journey with WWFC in league 1 next season.

  • It was also my first time at the event and I would echo the comments above about the patent togetherness displayed by the players and pretty much everyone connected with the club. I was also struck by the modesty, and clarity of delivery, shown by many of the players when they spoke (either in the film clips or live using the microphones). Someone (possibly Trevor Stroud) mentioned the importance Gareth and Dobbo place on teaching the players how to conduct themselves on and off the pitch. Based on last night's close viewing, they have certainly succeeded.
    A thoroughly enlightening and enjoyable evening.

  • I agree @Thicketblue
    One example and a touching moment was I saw some bloke face time his young daughter and then pass the phone to O9 who said hello and chatted for a couple of minutes making the young girls day. Very sweet to see and really good of Luke but a good example of how the players conducted themselves.

  • Lovely anecdote @Ozzie_the_Relaxed _Relaxed

  • Doubly relaxed!

  • We are privileged to have a talented bunch of players who are also such decent lads. It’s a great time to be a Wycombe fan.

  • It certainly is @glasshalffull.
    I’ve just returned to this thread, actually shaking with anger, after reacting to Depressing Dev on the Gaz to QPR thread.

  • It's a beautiful day and Wycombe got promoted

    Don't let yourself get annoyed by the Gasroom troll.

  • All’s well. I found the antidote in @bluntphil’s wonderful blog/article on the Radio Coverage and Blog thread.
    Great read and highly recommended especially in the context of how GA sees his future.

  • Acknowledging Bayo's talent and goal scoring is still only part of the story. He brings so much to the club, both on and off the pitch. He is clearly a brilliant member of the squad, and the way he conducts himself with the fans and in public is superb.

  • Nice feature on him in the new When Saturday Comes.

  • And his name will be on the FA Cup Final matchball on Saturday as one of the 137 goalscorers in this year’s competition (the 137th). About the size as my name on the training top.

  • ...same size as.....

  • Is that 137 scorers from the 1st round proper on?

  • As I understand it, 137 goalscorers were selected from participating clubs (but not necessarily every one) from the 6th tier to the Premier League and from the Extra Preliminary round to the semi finals, with emphasis on the quality or impact of the goal in question. In Bayo’s case, it was apparently the third goal against Leatherhead. Don’t recall it, to be honest, so not sure which of the criteria it met.

  • It's the flying header where he 'landed like a whale' (or something like that, according to Sam Saunders at the time) which ended with the cameras focusing close-up on his very satisfied look. Technically, you could argue Sam's free kick was better, but it didn't close out the game - it just brought us back into it.

  • He's always spouting rubbish. It was a good finish though

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