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Luton muppets

The champions are having an open bus parade.....deluded muppets


  • Don't worry, next year may be a bit of a shock for the tactical genius that is the Nathan Jones.

    All I hope for next year is mid table security and we do the double over those "sleeping giants" of the football world, Oxford, Rovers, Portsmouth, Plymouth and of course Luton. All of whom seem to regard us playing on the same pitch as them some sort of insult to their status as teams who should, by right, be in the Premiership.

    I think the proverb "Its not the size of a dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog" that could be a good motto for next year......

  • Open top bus for a 2nd place?
    They haven't been into the top 3 tiers in a decade I suppose

  • TBH I don't have a problem with anybody celebrating promotion with an open top bus parade. Promotion doesn't come easily, and it's an achievement to be enjoyed.

    The 'best team in league two' BS after coming second by a fair margin, and having the second worst disciplinary record in league two (sixth worst in the top four leagues) was pathetic. Over 46 games the league table doesn't lie.

    I've never seen Rovers as a sleeping giant, more a matter of having an inferiority complex about being the poor relations in Bristol. They need to vent that on somebody.

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