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The brilliance of Inside Matchday...

Is that it gets me welling up every time with the sight of Gareth and Adebayo embrace wrapped in the Wycombe flag


  • It's been a fantastic feature all season and I hope it carries on next year. Must have watched the Carlisle one 20 times.

  • Agree it's been a great addition to the camera in the stands highlights. Great organisation and production so congratulations to all involved.

  • Mixing pitchside footage with @bluntphil's commentary really works - if the club release a DVD of this season I want the cover to have a photo of Bean in full flight with "Oh my God!" as the title.

  • I'll add my congratulations to this

    These inside matchday pieces have been exceptional all season. Absolutely love them

  • Hear hear to all of the above.

  • I've been abroad for plenty of the season. They've saved me.

  • They're absolutely brilliant

    The Crewe home one, the Luton away one, Carlisle and Chesterfield. Wow.

  • Does anyone know if there's an archive somewhere, for those of us sad enough to want to relive the season in the future, or catch up on the ones we've missed?

  • I think most if not all are up on Youtube.

  • What @Bacon_Sandwich said. They’ve been great for this exile.

  • Has anyone seen the video of the end of season dinner? It is absolutely brilliant

  • Is it on iFollow, Dale?

  • I understand that both the camera guy and the girl who did the on pitch work were interns/work experience? I hope the media team are able to employ them again next year.

  • I saw it on Twitter. Think i read Chloe Briggs is moving on. Shame as she did a great job

  • Except for that one time when, after the big build-up with the players coming past her out of the tunnel, she said: "This.... is Inside Matchball".

    But I agree, the media team have been quite excellent this season, bringing a different angle on stuff, and capturing superbly it for us fans to devour. The scenes from the last two weeks are exceptional. "Hats off" as they say.

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    This video is pure goosebumps too

    What a season eh

  • I think that one's my favourite.

  • What a cracker! How lucky are we ?!
    I can see season ticket sales going through the roof for next season.

  • Be nice if we had a running total on season tickets...surely most of last season"s holders must have signed up again considering how much better the football was and the fact most of the squad faves have re-signed. Where is insider knowledge when you need it. Kids club at Butlins at the moment I suppose .

  • Not sure it will help much. Aren’t children’s STs free or something this season which if they count those would skew the results significantly

  • Probably one of those things that is best not to reveal, unless you're a giant Premier league club.

    I remember thinking last year's 2,000 or so sounded particularly small.

  • The club have been doing a lot of good work with digital and social media the last few years.

    Announcing Bayo signing via twitter, camera on the pitch after Bean’s winner, goal cam etc. Based on the twitter video hit numbers the level of engagement looks good too.

    Seems a good way to keep existing supporters engaged and also spread the word to potential new supporters, especially the younger ones.

    I would be interested to know if we do any paid for targeted social media. It can be very cheap to target specific audiences. For example, people with a young family and an interest in local premier league teams must be a reasonable target as they reach a point where they want to take their kids to a game but going to Tottenham, Chelsea and so on costs a fortune. Not expensive to serve them very specific ads on Facebook and Twitter.

  • I believe the club were recognised for their social media efforts - they won an award for best use of social media by an EFL club a few years back I seem to recall.

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    Having followed some of the play-off games on various clubs' official Twitters this week I'm surprised by how dry and boring they can be compared to ours. We're very lucky to have good team behind it and all the other digital media stuff.

  • I've thought the same thing @MindlessDrugHoover, i'd put the work of our social media team up against anyone else in the football league.

  • thirded

    coverage this season in particular has been outstanding

  • The whole media dept is superb and yes, having looked at other club's social media channels I'd agree that ours really stands out by a considerable distance. Well done Matt and Tom.

  • The best thing about some other L2 accounts at the moment is that they're going thru the agony of the play-offs while we're selling season tickets and planning trips to Sunderland...

  • Loved the short Chesterfield reprise with Courteeners tune - quality.

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