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  • That is why we follow

  • That is why we (or at least I) am going prematurely grey.

  • The players deserve the credit

  • Fucking yeeeees! Could easily have lost it at the death so to end up winning feels truly fantastic. A superb effort in very difficult circumstances. So many of those players were dead on their feet towards the end.

  • @BlueAway said:
    The players deserve the credit

    And the manager. A truly remarkable season regardless of the next 3 matches

  • Phew I'm knackered and I was only watching

  • Me too Johnthehair! Unbelievable

  • Fantastic result, fantastic atmosphere, fantastic team though this was not the month to give up smoking

  • Tonight was one of the truly great nights at Adams Park. What a match.

  • Got to give credit to Exeter as they played some of the best football seen at Adams Park this season in the second half. If they had shut up shop and not attacked us in stoppage time it could have been a very different night

  • Just got home, had to go down the glass to let the landlord know the hoodoo was broken. What a night! I took a Chelsea fan to the game and he was blown away by the atmosphere and the support. First half great, second hand edge of seat. .....

    Now at home getting well deservedly relaxed..... COYB!!!!!

  • Exeter really needed 3 points, as Plymouth have to now drop 4 points from their last 3 games, as they the Grecians are 4 points behind Plymouth, who are currently in the last spot playoff place.

  • An incredible evening. If you'd written a script like that you'd have been sent to the lunatic asylum

  • @DJWYC14 said:
    Tonight was one of the truly great nights at Adams Park. What a match.

    ^ This...^
    What. A. Night.

    Exeter were all over us at times in the 2nd half and so many players were dead on their feet. But what character and what determination. And what nerves of steel from Paul Hayes.
    I do fear for us now with the injuries starting to mount up and fatigue obviously setting in, but let's just hope they can drag themselves over the finishing line for what would be an utterly stupendous achievement.

  • Need some good game management from our Gaffer and lads. Bury still have to play Southend on Tuesday 21st 19:45 K/O and Southend need them points too to push Chairboys, both could cancel each other out if the draw. It's clearly in our own hands, 9 points just 9 points :)

    So much at stake, this is going to the wire.

  • Football at its best

  • Bury v southend is the key game, ps lets win our own games though! Barmy army!

  • Bury won't win their last 4 games we won't either I keep looking at the table over and over and the best way to look at it is were basically 5 points ahead of bury because of goal difference

  • I wouldn't go counting on a GD of only 5 with so many games left!

  • We lose and they win, plus a game in hand for them? Goal difference could swing in their favour!

  • 4 games left and they play pompey away Southend tranmere away who will be fighting and wimbledon I can't see them bettering our goal difference with those fixtures

  • Like Watford Blue said on another post "Let's not do a Bristol Rovers." its going to go to the wire let just take each game as they come, on a positive note our last 3 games are on Saturdays hurrah!

  • I am praying for automatic, as these players (at least the ones who can still walk) might have nothing left for the play-off games!

  • It would be a shame if we ended up in the play offs the players deserve more than that! It's in their hands I suppose

  • Goal difference is technically +6, as we have scored 10 more goals than Bury.

  • If they catch us points wise they WILL beat our GD unless we win a game 3 or 4 nil.

  • Is there highlights of Tuesdays match yet so I can relive the moment of the penalty cannot seem to find anything

  • Look down the Gasroom for "Hayes penalty"

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