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Match day thread: Exeter



  • 1-0 but both Holloway and McLure off injured

  • Hope there not to bad!

  • Southend and bury both winning again!

  • Disaster. Oh no 1-1

  • Colchester being tonked 6-0 if it's any consolation.

  • Yeeeees go on boys awsum!

  • Well bugger me!!

  • Blackpool away yesssss

  • Reading some of the Exeter comments on their forum they are furious with us

  • Wow down to the bare bones against Wimbledon, Exeter really impressed me the second half, soft penalty but the sign of a good team is one that can win when not playing well. Now how to get a ticket for Saturday.

  • Our goal was the latest goal scored in all four leagues this season. It's never dull following WWFC.

  • What an unbelievable finale. A fantastic effort from all the players. You have to believe we are going to get promoted after witnessing a game like that.

  • I dont think either Aaron Holloway or Matt McClure were fouled just injured, probably before kick off.

  • @StrongestTeam said:
    @s, 3 games in a row now (at least) we are getting kicked to pieces, losing players injured, crap refs, their equaliser was never a free kick their way. Our boys don't give up. Heroes all.

    Really? I thought they were excellent and deserved at least a point. I don't think any of our injuries were down to dirty play by them.

    I thought our players deserved every credit for keeping going. But Exeter passed us off the pitch in the second half

  • I agree about the injuries Oakwood Exile but they were very niggly.

  • Considering the physical state of the players at the end that was an amazing win. Mawson was injured before the game, apparently had to keep his foot in ice all day just to be able to play, and yennaris was clearly hurt too, Murphy looked out on his feet too. Saunders and Hayes were both immense today, right up till the last minute they both ran from the edge of their own box to the exeter box to make our chances, just a shame Sammy couldn't finish with his lob.

    Exeter passed the ball nicely without creating too much until we really started struggling fitness wise, and their goal came straight from a completely bizarre decision from the ref ( who as usual was useless).

    Onwards to Wimbledon, if tickets are sold out, reckon anyone without a ticket could get a place on our bench? We're gonna struggle to have anyone from the actual playing squad on it.

  • One of the gutsiest performances I've ever seen from a Wycombe team, quite an incredible match. I thought we deserved the win, Exeter only really got on top after the injury to Mawson where we decided to try and protect our lead. Even then we were always a threat on the break, with Exeter throwing everyone forward in search of a winner.

    A word about the Exeter fans, much as I admire Exeter as a club, I thought their fans were disgraceful. The booing and jeering of our injured players was out of order. It was pretty clear they were all genuine injuries, so it was sad to see the Exeter fans screaming abuse at them as they were helped of the pitch.

  • As usual a Club of bad losers, a few on the Grecians site had more sense to note from the games played by all suggests who are bad sides and who are the better teams. The League 2 table doesn't lie.

    Considering the bad terrible decisions that have gone against us these past few games, we're due a tad bit of fortune. Fingers x that McClure, Holloway make a speedy recovery and also Mawson and Nico are ok for Saturday.

    Well done lads, you got what you deserved.

  • A real night to remember. That's why supporting Wycombe can be so incredible.Every single one of our boys was immense tonight. Can we get 'em fit for Saturday!

  • There must be something about the South west. Their messageboard at the moment is very reminiscent of a certain BR board last season when all the hoohah came out.

    I don't get all this rubbish they're talking about. I think they're lying to themselves when they say they would supposedly be happier stuck in mid table indefinitely instead of turning up every week to watch a Gareth Ainsworth 'turd but successful' team. I don't think you'd find a Wycombe fan that would swap places with them personally.

  • Im really not sure what their fans had such a bee in their bonnet about? They seemed convinced we were time wasting, which we have of course been guilty of in the past, but not last night. They also seemed convinced that our players were feigning injury, which clearly they weren't. The booing and jeering of Holloway & Yennaris was disgraceful. I'd have thought we had much more to complain about, as whilst they were blameless for the injuries, some of their challenges were robust to say the least. They just seemed to resort to hacking our guys down everytime we got past them, especially late on.

  • Not sure why they think we would be time wasting when the score was 1-1 and we needed 3 points. I guess they're just not very bright.

  • When they were in the ascendency in the second half we were trying to slow the game down, no doubt about that..just trying to take the sting out them I think.

  • I do wonder whether the "web" in Exeweb refers to the internet or something between their fingers. There also seems to be something close to a consensus against Tisdale, who I've always thought does an amazing job of producing competitive sides on a shoestring budget. And sides which, as last night showed, play good football.

  • @OakwoodExile Couldn't agree more. I'm amazed that Tisdale hasn't climbed much further up the league pyramid to manage a championship side at least. An amazing record with one of the tightest budgets in the FL.

  • I thought Exeter were excellent, good football played on the deck and as a result we actually raised our game. They were lucky not to get a pen in the first few minutes...we all held our breath in the Main Stand, but after the goal they did get a bit more robust in the tackle. In the second half they battered us we were hanging on except for the exceptional last 15 mins. Before the pen...I would have been happy with a point. Ecstatic scenes. If we play like the second half at Wimbledon, without our full defensive compliment, we will suffer!
    I know he is being closely marked, but Fred looked a bit off last night...big shame about Big Aaron afetr such a good game against Cheltenham.

  • Magical night. Although there is absolutely no doubt that Ingram was running the clock down at 1-0 and also at 1-1. He was lucky not to receive a yellow at 1-1 - some goal kicks were taking an absolute age.

    how Hayes stayed calm at the end I will never know...

  • I've never had more confidence in a penalty taker than I have in Hayes. Calmness personified. Ingram was lucky not to concede a penalty too I thought but what an incredible save he made at 1-1. Thought Blooms and Murphy were imperious in front of the back four, taking turns to mop up in the Scowen position. Craig worked his socks off for the cause and deserved the ovation when he came off. Special mention for Nico too - he made two or three vital last-ditch blocks/interceptions. What a brilliantly gritty performance by the whole team!

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