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beast in EFL team of season

what an amazing achievement....must be one of our best ever signings


  • billy kee pipped the beast to league 2 player of season

  • Utterly amazing that Kee won the award ahead of Bayo. I know we are biased but Bayo's had the better season.

  • I immediately thought the same; but Billy Kee has been involved in 30 goals and Bayo 29; Stanley are also top of the league. I can't imagine though, that anyone has had a bigger (excuse the pun) impact on a team than Bayo

  • I think there are quite a few penalties in that total.

  • It's voted for by all the players though isn't it? So an individual fan's opinion on who should have won is pretty much irrelevant

    Aside from anything else, the way he has opened up about his struggle with mental health has been hugely admirable. I'm pleased for him

  • He’ll just have to win League 1 Player of the Season next year.

  • I think this one was voted for by the managers wasn't it? Its the PFA one that gets chosen by the players.

  • @eric_plant: I hadn’t heard before about Billy Kee’s mental health issues but, after listening to his BBC interview (reproduced in the Belfast Telegraph), I have a great deal of respect for him and, provided he doesn’t score (!), look forward to seeing him on Saturday.
    If you are able to post the BBC or Belfast Telegraph link I am sure others would be interested to see or read.

  • Did the ref just give the decision to the smaller bloke as usual?

  • I'm here all week @Jonny_King (To the despair of many,)

  • @HCblue said:
    Here's the BBC interview.

    Thanks. Serious respect for both managing and talking about his illness. It can only help when guys like him speak out. Wish him all the best, apart from Saturday of course.

  • Thanks for posting that link @HCblue.

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