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Phil Catchpole

Class having you back yesterday on the commentary. Loved the detailed discussions on our skippers moonlighting options. Enjoyed the postmatch and prematch video on your Twitter too. Keep up the good work.


  • Also is there any possibility that your commentary will go over the live stream in the near future?

  • Agreed, listening at home is ten times better when Phil is on the mic.

  • I managed to get the live video playing on my Mac and the commentary playing on my iPhone over a Bluetooth speaker yesterday. Spent the first 10 minutes of the match trying to get them in sync but once I had it was brilliant. Great to have Phil back for the run in.

  • Many thanks for the kind words. It was great to be back after a brilliant holiday.

    I've got no idea what the plans are for iFollow after this season I'm afraid. However, I can confirm that we will be joined by @BallroomBill this Saturday.

  • edited April 2018

    Ollie Bayliss was a perfectly capable, if slightly 'mechanical' stand-in, but you da the man, Phil! Club knowledge, sense of humour, decent efforts to stay neutral...

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