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Hypothetical Lincoln question

It's 1-1 after 80mins. God decides to prove his existence by giving you the choice between taking the 1-1 or playing the last ten minutes hoping to nick a winner but risking a defeat.

Which way do you choose?


  • What’s the score at Exeter?

  • I did a league predictor with a draw at Lincoln and a home defeat v Accrington. We went up by a point with a win on the past day

  • Let's say Exeter are winning by one goal.

  • Irrespective of anything else, a point at Lincoln would be a very good result (especially with the injuries we have at the moment). A win would be sensational!

  • A win would be a giant stride towards auto promotion.

    A draw (compared to a defeat) eliminates Lincoln (if they are still a threat), allows us to draw a game while Exeter win and otherwise match results and probably doesn't make much difference v Notts County.

    I think I'd take the extra 10mins and go for it.

  • A point at Lincoln would be a fantastic result given our apparent lack of a defence. And avoiding playing the last 10 minutes will save us having to watch the inevitable β€˜keep it near the corner flag’ routine only to lose and Lincoln break away and score. So yes. A point please God. Thank you.

    Oh and instead of wasting your time on trivial matters, could you just have a quick look a couple of thousand miles or so SE of Lincoln and see what you can do. You might remember the region. You used to take an interest there some time back. Ta

  • Sadly I think God has given up on trying to sort out the Middle East. He did lose his son last time he tried to sort it out after all...

    I thought we closed out the game very efficiently yesterday.

  • I’d take a draw at Lincoln.

    A point would put us in a good position if Exeter slip up in any game, and even if they don’t it would mean a further draw v Accrington would be enough (barring goal difference shenanigans) if we went on to win both the other games.

    I’d book an appointment with my GP if I start hearing the voice of God though.

  • we last lost away on 22nd December. And we're excellent in the closing stages of matches. We should be highly confident going into those last 10 minutes.

  • I'd take the draw. Even if Exeter won on the night we'd still be 2 points ahead, with three to play - so 2 wins and a draw would be enough.
    If we lose at Lincoln then, potentially, we may need to win all three last games.

  • If we're 1-1 with 10 minutes to go we can be sure that Scott Brown will be looking to spend as many of those minutes as possible taking goal kicks

  • There is no god.

  • I'd ask God to speak to Gareth Ainsworth

  • I'm beginning to wonder if God is Gareth Ainsworth.

  • God is Noel Ashford.


  • God needs to prove his existence by giving me a few million quid...i would not be wasting my god time on football results.

  • Kevin Nolan is God. Kevin Nolan told me so!

    I'd be happy with a point on Tuesday. A win would be brilliant, a defeat wouldn't be a disaster.

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