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I was in two minds yesterday, go or not. I could just about have made it, as I finished work at 11.30. In the end, the sway was that we always play poo against Yeovil and I always look at those fixtures like a "dementor" is hanging over my head and sucks all hope out of me. Instead I listened on IFollow and true to recent history, we were at best "below par", though we won and still got the three points, which at the start of the day was the requirement.
Why do we always play sh1te against them?


  • Ironically, as I’ve noticed in the past, a mid season “mini-break” often has a slightly negative effect rather than the rest and recuperative effect that we tend to anticipate. Why this should be is difficult to understand. Perhaps a loss of momentum? Whatever, Yeovil have indeed been a bogey team to us over several decades. Again, the reason is not clear but something must get into the group psyche.

    From memory, the 2-1 win against them in November felt reasonably comfortable but that was a very different lineup with only four of them in yesterday’s team. Stewart, Scarr, PCH and Eze all played in the home game. I felt at the time that we had laid the bogey and I suppose the fact that we’ve done the double over them rather confirms that. But, like you, I was swayed against travelling (for the first time for a couple of years) as I felt that it would be as disappointing a spectacle as it turned out to be.

  • You both stayed away. We won a very important game. Please consider very carefully whether you go to another game this season...

  • I’ve thought it over. I won’t break my two year record.

  • @micra I agree - I remember a similar occasion when we played Charlton in League 1. They'd missed a game due to the weather the previous week when we had played, and they just didn't get going.

  • It's rarely a good game against Yeovil and we've had consistently awful results for decades when when facing them. I think this must be our first ever league double over them?

  • Prior to this season we have won only one of ten league games against them.

    The last four league games at Yeovil have been 1-0s. One of the benefits of promotion would be not to be tempted back next season....

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