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Lincoln (a) attendance prediction

edited April 15 in Football

Here we go.

Total 7800 - Wycombe 422. I think every voice and splash of blue will count.

Posters are encouraged to say whether or not they want attendance threads for Accrington and Chesterfield posted early before the Lincoln game.



  • Afraid you'll be miles off with the total @railwaysteve as Lincoln have already announced that they've almost sold 9000!

  • 9,465 with 443 Chairboys watch a 1-1 draw.

  • I’d gladly settle for that @robin.

  • 9712 with 391 Chairboys

  • @micra said:
    I’d gladly settle for that robin.

    So would i mate.

  • 9845 with 412 chairpeople.

  • 9672 with 361 Wycombe

  • 9797 with 311 from Wycombe. Sadly can’t see us getting anything (pessimist that I am). 3-1 Lincoln

  • 10275 including 402 Wycombe. 3-1 Lincoln (in view of our defensive injuries).

  • 10,047, 398 Wycombe, 2-2.

  • 10,170 (488 away) 0-0

  • 9925, 451 Chairfolk 1-1

  • 10252 with 298 chairpersons. A 2-0 defeat.

  • 9750 including 385 Chairguys. A wishful 2-2.

    I’d prefer to wait until Wednesday for the opportunity to forecast the gate/score next Saturday and until after the excitement of the narrow victory against Accrington has died down a little to forecast by how much the number of Chairguys travelling to Chesterfield will exceed 1000.

    NB @railwaysteve invited us to say whether we wanted the threads for those two games to be posted ahead of the Lincoln game.

  • 354 charming chairboys 2-1 Tyson bayo

  • 10,005 with 437 blues...5.1 win, Bayo 3 Tyson 2

  • 12,345 (432 Wycombe), Lincoln 3 Wycombe 4 (Bayo 3, Kashket).

  • 460 Wycombe in a crowd of 9600. Wycombe win 2-1, Tyson & JJ

  • Going over the ten myself; top of the table clash or at least automatic v playoff contenders and all. 10989 with 689 chairpersons see another smash and grab 0-1 to the blues;

  • Sincil Bank has a capacity of 10120, add in that 1500 seats will be empty in the Away end and you have a maximum capacity of 8600, currently.

    So, I’m going for 8502 with 482 from Wycombe

  • Lincoln have sold out in home areas...

  • My mate from Lincoln says they have now opened the Away end to Home supporters. Currently around 470 seats are being sold to Imps fans. Wycombe will be in the North East corner of the Away stand

  • @wwfcblue said:
    Sincil Bank has a capacity of 10120, add in that 1500 seats will be empty in the Away end and you have a maximum capacity of 8600, currently.

    So, I’m going for 8502 with 482 from Wycombe

    Incredible. It had a capacity of 25,000 in 1948!

    In view of this information can I change my prediction to 8957 including 402 from Wycombe. They did have 9725 against Exeter.

  • Incredible support for Lincoln. Did they always have this sort of following? I don’t recall them getting such big gates before they were relegated to the conference. But I may be wrong.

  • in 1988 we played them last game of the season when they won the league

    official attendance was around 9,500

    unofficially, widely accepted that there were around 13,000 in the ground

  • edited April 16

    It was extremely packed that day for sure, @eric_plant . There were some Lincoln fans in our section of the side terrace, as they couldn't get in to their own area, but nothing kicked off, to my recollection. We were an improving team and they were a bag of nerves, but their diminutive striker put them ahead early in the second half and that was pretty much that.

    @Glenactico In recent years Lincoln has been a dying club, with dwindling support, yet a great potential catchment area. Lincoln's increased support has come almost exclusively from their resurgence under the Cowleys, with last year's Conference title, the run to the FA Cup Quarter Final, including days out at Burnley and Arsenal and some EFL scalps along the way too - and an FA Trophy semi-final heartbreak to boot... (twice in a fortnight a year ago, they were 90 mins from Wembley). They sold 6000+ season tickets for their return to the EFL this season. They are just off the back of a triumphant first Wembley appearance, and knocking on the door of promotion to League one. A home sell out does not surprise me at all. Definitely a club on the up...

  • Never been than keen on Lincoln after they were throwing bags of piss at us at Sincil Bank in 1988.

  • What were you doing to make them react like that?

    No 'bags of piss' anywhere near me that day.

  • Goading them into water drinking contests.

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