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  • Thanks Adam, always appreciate reading Vital reports.
    Got to take you up on one issue though. Brown’s save sounds like last week’s; they are literally saving a goal. A relatively quiet day at the office punctuated by saving the day one time. Negatives uh, he stays on his line again... 6? Just asking ref

  • I have to hand it to El Abd, as many others have done. I thought he was an absolute liability at the start of the season, and the captain's armband seemed like it was on the wrong man. Lately he has been so immense, that if we go up, he will be the late season pillar that formed a platform for the push.

  • In my book he’d run Bayo close for Player of the Season. Most improved player certainly describes the contrast between his performances earlier in the season and those he’s putting in currently. But how odd to include a player of his age and experience in that particular category!

  • Also a shout out to McGinley. I'm sure I wasn't the only one to worry about little when I saw the team but he stuck with it, did some decent blocks, and kept going with an injury that he'd have come off with if we'd had any alternatives

  • @micra - Clint Easton certainly didn’t react well when he won β€œMost Improved Player”, it is a hell of a backhanded compliment for a senior pro, however accurate it may or may not be...


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    I love devc

  • @PBo Funnily enough I only heard that story yesterday myself. What an arrogant sod, especially considering the award was in memory of a recently deceased fan. Glad to hear Easton's name was subsequently scrubbed off the trophy. Apparently that's why the award was changed to 'most improved young player'.

  • Thanks again, @clifty04.

    Re: Brown. he was particularly notable yesterday from where I was standing for his rootedness to his line. There were a couple of balls in where he actually had to step away from the incoming ball to avoid going up for it - I recall one long throw in the second half that came down roughly level with his near post and about four yards out - and several crosses that landed on the edge of the six yard box that, had he been more of a Blackman type, would have presented no risk. As it was, the defence battled really hard and dealt with them all. I know it's not his game and I'm sympathetic - I know it's much harder than it looks to collect those crosses - but it was notable and made it really hard for the team to deal with.

  • Scott Brown one of the best keepers in the lower leagues from what I’ve seen this season.

    Another clean sheet yesterday, at times has kept up in games and is part of the reason we sit third. So he doesn’t come off his line too much, if he did he’d be playing championship football at least.

    Guess what we are League 2 and unless we can snare a Blackman type on loan we will have to stick with good old Brownie in goal.

    4 clean sheets in the last 6, at the business end of the season is more than competent. Stats don’t lie, he’s having an excellent season.

  • I'll take him, @fame_46. Was referring to the solid League Two 'keeper score of 6 that @clifty04 gave him for yesterday's showing about which @NorsQuarters was asking. About spot-on imho.

  • If you look back at the loan keepers we've 'snared' in recent seasons, it's a decent list.

    I like Brown, and yesterday's save onto the post was a game-saver for sure.

  • Scott Brown seems to be enjoying how he and the team are playing. He celebrated yesterday with quite some energy with our crowd before he bounded off to his team mates up the other end of the field, lovely to see that sort of joy.

    "We are on our way .."

  • How many bookings does El-Abd have now? Is he in danger of a suspension soon?

  • Seven, and no he isn't.

  • @LX1 said:
    I love devc

    I think you need counselling!

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