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Watching games live from abroad

We are currently on holiday abroad and want to watch Saturday's game live. I subscribe to ifollow in the UK. I have a pc laptop running Internet Explorer 11 or Edge. My wife has an ipad. I would prefer to use the pc as it has a larger screen. However going to the ifollow site only appears to offer Apps to run the necessary software, which, when I tried to download them, said that they could not be loaded on my device. Can anyone on here who is tech savvy and has used this service tell me how to go about loading the necessary program and then paying the Β£5 to watch the game?


  • You can watch the games without downloading anything by logging into ifollow in your browser and visiting the match day centre.

    HOWEVER you need to register a new account, from the foreign IP address where you are, with a foreign address or you will be blocked as they assume you are trying to circumvent the UK 3pm blackout.

  • You don’t need to register the account from the foreign isp you wish to use. Just a foreign address. Or even your uk address followed by an alternative country to uk! As long as you are logged in from a foreign isp you are fine. It works better on an iPad or iPhone than pc.

  • Thanks Midlander & OxfordBlue. Sorry for the delay in responding - 8 hour power outage in remote Belize yesterday. I just have to hope the power stays on on Saturday morning (local time).

    I can see that I need to go to something called the 'Match Centre', which I currently cannot locate. Am I right in thinking that this will pop up on the day of the game and that I will be able to connect (and presumably pay) about 30 minutes before the game starts (info gleaned by various searches - questions from other teams' sites)?

  • @Thicketblue if you go to the main homepage it will say β€œwatch live now” from about 30 mins before kick off

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