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FFIT team 4

WWSET are recruiting for the next FFIT (Football Fans In Training) - Team 4! Take the first step to a healthier lifestyle, and sign up for the next team today! Super simple just follow this link

Having done the first course last year I can highly recommend this for anyone looking to lose weight and improve their health, it really did help me and I'm feeling far better and fitter than I have done in years!

Read about my own experience here ...


  • edited April 2018

    Team 3 graduate tonight to join the FFIT legends and I would like to wish them well and hope that Sam and Andy inspired you to continue exercise and eat healthily a well as they did with team 1.

    The current legends continue to support each other in various activities such as: spinning, cycling, parkruns, 5 aside or walking football, gym as well as FFIT Xtra circuit training on Monday nights.

  • Really enjoyed being part of team 3 and am graduating with honours ( hopefully!) very soon

  • Yes highly recommend this did me a power of good ,from legend if course 1

  • Just a little reminder that WWSET are still looking for the next batch of FFIT recruits!
    FFIT squad on the pitch

  • There still a few places available on the next course starting 16th May - contact Sam Parker email: [email protected] or phone 01494 455736

  • Still one or two places available .....starting Wednesday!!

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