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Charity / celeb games

I'm not one to attend such games myself but I am curious as to why the game on the 26th May has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances . Also notice there is another game organised for the 28th which is League two play off final day ? How does that work if we are at Wembley with coaches leaving and returning to AP etc.?



  • The one organised on the same day as a potential play off final is either a remarkable show of faith, or a colossal oversight.

  • Hopefully the former but probably the latter

  • "unforeseen circumstances" usually translates as "we haven't sold any tickets".

  • I'm all for anything that'll make the club a few quid, but it looks absolutely horrific. Stephen Graham is quite a coup, but after that it's a bunch of no-marks; reality tv 'stars', 90s pop singers and people who used to be in Eastenders. Who the hell wants to see Dean Gaffney play football? Unless you were secretly into boybands in your youth, I really can't see the appeal.

  • Who on earth is Stephen Graham?

    Dean Gaffney is a legend.
    If they'd have got Barry as well it's be pure scenes.

  • I went to a celebrity match in the 1970s in which the Richard beckindsale, the cast of tiswas, doctor at large and man about the house were promised. In the end only robin nedwell, a radio Trent dj and the phantom flan finger turned out. Teaches you a lesson about life's disappointments.

  • Scotty and Guppy is decent nostalgia too of course.
    Although Scotty looked pure last legs in that game at Penn last summer (was it last summer, or 2 years back now?).
    I can't imagine he can get about the pitch much now surely?

  • @Malone Stephen Graham is a (quite good) actor. Played Combo in This is England.

  • edited April 2018

    @Wendoverman Your post reminded me of the Porridge feature film when the inmates were talking about which celebrities would be in the visiting team to play Slade Prison. Apparently rumour was rife that David "Diddy" Hamilton and one of the Goodies would be turning out (that dates it... )

  • Fletch β€œwe’ve got a weather man, eight small parts and a widow twanky”

  • It was a 70's charity match that first took me to Loakes Park. It may have been the Richard Beckinsdale game mentioned above but I certainly remember Dennis Waterman being there. There was a queue for his autograph behind the main stand that stretched for ages and to his credit he sat a table and signed them all.

  • @LeedsBlue The rumours from the Porridge film were based on true life. I remember actually seeing one of The Goodies, Bill Oddie, in a charity football match in the '70s; think he used to play quite a few. I can't really remember who else was in the team, but David Hamilton may have been involved and I seem to remember there was someone who had been in Z-Cars on the TV.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub would not have been the same game as mine was in nottingham and at a leisure centre. As I recall robin Newell looked quite useful. Flan flinger not so much. Dennis waterman would not have ventured so far on a wet Saturday afternoon.

  • So these were a proper thing, ahem, 'back in the day' then? Perhaps it was more of an attraction back then, as celebs usually actually had to have done something of note or displayed some kind of talent for something, rather than just having gone on Big Brother and run around naked a bit.

    Personally I can't get excited about some bloke off TOWIE and someone who used to be in Blue toe punting the ball about, even if one or two of them can actually play a bit. I've always suspected that Soccer Aid was less about charity and more about a bunch of wannabe footballer celebs finding an excuse to play a televised game at a big stadium with a few ex-internationals.

    I am interested in ex-players games though. I couldn't make the Wycombe v Reading game a few years back, but heard it was good. Would love to see something similar done one day.

  • @Jonny_King back in the day they were as disappointing as you can possibly imagine. I'm with you on soccer aid as well. In the same way every testimonial in the 1980s suggested George best might turn up when he was probably actually in the Savoy with miss world. Or something.

  • @Wendoverman And who can blame him? He did turn up to play in a visiting XI for the last ever game at Loakes Park - not sure how Martin O'Neill managed that one.

  • I remember seeing a five a side match in the 1970's show Star Games on the Rye. I recall David Essex playing in goal with white pianist gloves.

  • Frankie Vaughan and Denis Waterman played at Penn and Tyler's once I'm sure. Martin Peters didn't turn up.

    Not sure any of that happened but I reckon it was when the pitch ran top to bottom.

  • I remember when Dennis Waterman was appearing in panto and made a halftime appearance on the pitch

    The Valley Terrace launched into a rousing chorus of "who the fuckin' hell are you?" and he raged up. Pretty funny stuff

    I haven't imagined that have I? Early Adams Park years - conference era

  • Dennis Waterman was quite a regular in those days, I’m sure in thinking he lived in Wooburn Green? and at the time was married to Rula Lenska.

  • I saw him and Rula a few times up at the Handy Cross cinema. Early 90’s. Definitely remember him on the pitch at half time and can remember something being funny

  • @eric_plant said:
    I remember when Dennis Waterman was appearing in panto and made a halftime appearance on the pitch

    The Valley Terrace launched into a rousing chorus of "who the fuckin' hell are you?" and he raged up. Pretty funny stuff

    I haven't imagined that have I? Early Adams Park years - conference era

    Exactly how I remembered it. He wasn’t happy.

  • On a slight tangent, who is the celeb you have seen at one of these events that you thought would be good, but was surprisingly bad? And who was the pro who’d really let it go?

    My two are Idris Elba (looked the part, truly awful skills) and Glyn Creaser.

  • @arnos_grove see above Nedwell reasonable....flan flinger not. Cape was a bit of a mistake in that instance. I don't remember any ex-pros there....but it was a very long time ago. (George Best obviously not available....)

  • @Kimble_Blue, yes, Warren Clarke was a regular in the Keen Lounge as it was, I think he was a season ticket holder for one or two seasons when MON was here, and he used to bring Dennis Waterman to some games.

  • There was a charity game at Loakes park ask in the 70s which Eric Morcambe kicked offI also understand that Bruce Forsyth used to play in a few Charity games way bac.k and was a useful player by all accounts

  • These games are always at risk of a raid from operation yew tree.

  • I’m not sure if I’ve dreamt this but I recall going to a charity game at Loakes Park in the mid 80’s which featured Radio Merseyside against a team of β€˜stars’, the only one of which I remember is John Motson.

    Motty’s milk bottle legs patrolled the main stand touch line much like a poor man’s Dave Carroll, minus all ability, before he self-substituted at half time claiming it was too cold.

  • @Ned_Ludd I remember this too. I'm sure Alan Parry played alongside Motty in that game...

  • @LeedsBlue I don’t remember Parry playing but I’m sure you’re right, it would explain why Radio Merseyside were there.

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