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Jacobson and Mawson?

Any news on whether or not they'll be fit for tomorrow night? If not I assume it'll be Wood at left back , but who would replace Mawson?


  • either Fletcher or Murphy I would imagine

    edited April 2015

    Murphy into the back four...could Bean play left back and Woody go back into left midfield??

  • pretty certain Bean could not play left back, no

  • Do we even need to play Bean?

    Defence: Wood Pierre Murphy Yennaris
    Midfield: Ephraim Bloomfield Saunders
    Forwards: Fred Holloway Hayes

  • Bit makeshift at the back for sure

  • Pierre the last man standing (from he four who have served so magnificently for most of the season). Don't know the nature/extent of JJ's injury but someone on here said "he seemed OK", or words to that effect, leaving the ground on Saturday. Of course, being able to walk limp-free across the car park and being match fit are very different matters. Let's hope it's something as relatively innocuous as a dead-leg. Even that would probably rule him out for tomorrow. It'll be tough.

  • he stood in the tunnel watching the game during the 2nd half on saturday so he didn't need hospital attention at least. Was an absolutely crunching challenge though. Up until that point he'd played every minute of every game. Something to consider when voting for player of the season perhaps?

  • Our current plight, reminds me, when running a Sunday Football side, after a few players, don't return your frantic calls, few are worse for wear and one of course has forgotten his Football boots.

    It's backs against the wall I guess, with whoever steps up to the mantle.
    I would be more than happy to take something away from Tuesday game, but my spider sence, says we'll start as we aim to finish this campiagn. COYBs.

  • I must not have been paying attention on Saturday what happened to Mawson?

  • Picked up an ankle injury right at the end of the game apparently.

  • JJ missing would be a blow, but at least Wood can move back to cover at left back. There's no natural cover for Mawson though. I guess Murphy would have to play there, but it's far from ideal. The good news is that Exeter have similar problems in defence with injuries. Could be a high scoring game!

  • Murphy can play Centre half and quite well.
    Good in the air and technically very good.

  • @micra ah ok thanks

  • @WWFC_ Have you actually seen him play as a centre back?

  • Saw Alfie in the bar after the game, wasn't limping that I could notice.....

  • Murphy played centre back for Accrington Stanley before he came to us.

  • Will nathen evens ever make the bench? Is he still injured anyonw no?

  • I was in one of the boxes for the Accrington home game and he and McClure came around before the match since they weren't involved. McClure was suspended and Evans said he was injured.

    I was surprised to see him because I hadn't realised he was still at the club. Given how long Max has been 'a few weeks away' from making a return to the squad I doubt Evans will ever make the bench.

  • Thanks for update croider.

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