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Notts County Match Report


  • edited March 2018

    Thanks, @vital and @clifty04 .

    From the highlights, Tyson pretty clearly offside from Bayo's ball to him.

    Great to have Harriman back in action. And he looked really good, I thought. A significant upgrade over the perfectly acceptable Moore. Also, thought Blooms ran his socks off for 90 minutes. Not his greatest fan, if truth be told, but he's been a real warrior for us lately.

  • Pretty much bang on.

    I know it sounds tritely naive, but I was disappointed with the lack of ambition to move the ball on the deck. Playing with an extra man in midfield, the game was crying out for us to take the advantage, get it down and move it quickly. Sadly, that role went to Bean who seems to treat the ball as if it's an undetonated luftwaffe missile.

  • Cheers @HCblue. Not seem them yet myself and you’re probably right.
    At the time I thought CMS was off and Tyson on. But so hard to tell in real time.
    Good point regardless, bring on 3 on Monday.

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