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Joel Grant?

Anyone think a Joel Grant return is a possible Fred replacement come end of the season? His contract is up in the summer and Yeovil have just been relegated...


  • Got a lot of relegations on his CV.

  • I'd love to see him back. Superb for us.

  • I'd be wary of getting him back unless we're certain he's still at the level he was at previously. We can ill afford a repeat of the shambles of Pittman's return to us.

  • Joel Grant is totally different class to Pitman.

  • He is indeed; that sounds a good shout.

  • We all know he was far better than Pittman, but whether he'll be worth the wages he'll command is another matter. If he's still a class act, he'd be a good signing.

  • I'd rather a season long loan for Fred, but unlikely if Millwall are L1.

  • So would I but I think they'll be keen to have him back. I'm also hoping that, provided we go up, Brentford will be prepared to let us have Awesome Mawson on another season-long loan. If they go up via the play-offs - a very big "if" - that would be more likely, perhaps.

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    We know enough about GA's approach now to know that a player's personality, temperament and character are at least as important to him as their ability, especially in a small squad and I don't see any change to that for next season whichever league we're in. Would Joel Grant tick those boxes?

  • I don't recall any apparent problem with Grant's personality, character or temperament when he was here before. He was liable to get injured mainly due to the rough treatment he got from the opposition.

  • Yeovil fans have been singing his praises since he joined them even though he plays in a dire team.

  • @Wig_and_Pen On reflection, I think you have a point. I remember a very elderly fellow supporter (over 80 years a Wanderer and now sadly no longer with us) being critical of some aspect of Joel's behaviour when he first arrived - forget what - so there may be something in what you say. We'll see.

  • Noted - although I wasn't actually implying anything in particular; I genuinely couldn't recall whether he was, putting it bluntly, sound or flaky.

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