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Vere Suite

Is it just me, or am I missing something? Does the sudden appearance of a "one in - one out" policy for entry into the Vere suite seem totally unnecessary on a "normal" match day. Yesterday I waited 10 minutes to get into a half empty room, where there were no queues for either "ale festival" or the bar. If the club are as financially strapped as we hear, why is the resource of 3 stewards (paid I assume) required to dissuade people from willingly spending money?

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  • It was very busy against Oxford and was overcrowded. I'd agree that yesterday it felt unnecessary though.

    I tend to arrive quite early and one observation is how much busier it is before 13:30 than it used to be.

  • Arrived at half 2 and walked in fine with no queue.

  • It's normally emptying out at that time. I'd say around 2 is when it's at its peak.

  • It was pretty full at the times that the queues were building, just because there weren't many people queueing for drinks doesn't mean that weren't many people in at the time you were queueing.
    It's normally the case that many people leave when the televised early kick-off finishes, at which point those queueing outside were able to get in.

  • I got in fine at about 1.15 but there were queues when we left at about 2 and it wasn't that busy inside.

  • The toilets were rather busy when I got in. I guess you just have to mind your ps and qs

  • Sorry, I was passing a rather large turd. It looked and smelled a lot like Bristol Rovers.

  • They have a limit on numbers. Last season it was always easy to get in. For some reason there are more people the higher we go up the league.
    There are also a lot of Woodlands refugees now that the price for entry is £130.

  • Mind your poos and quoos

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub - We Woodlanders are fully paid up for this season. Yes, it's going up next season but that is the first increase for 7 or 8 years and it's not quite as much as you suggest.

  • It was due to all the kids in the bar coming down for the SET event, 300 of the little blighted apparently. Not usually a queue except for big games. Think you'll be fine tomorrow night.

  • What is the cost for the Woodlands next season then? I had to stop going in after they rigidly enforced me taking my daughter in. I would pay for me happily but (originally) they were asking full price for my cola drinking little'n. I think that policy changed but was not communicated. Don't get me wrong if the policy is £xx for kids then so be it but it was free for years, then full price, then maybe less, then who knows so I just opted out.

  • I went in the Woodlands once. Spying a red-faced man furiously ranting 'they aren't for you' at a shocked child who had picked up a single jammy dodger from a plate of biscuits, I (perhaps unfairly) concluded it wasn't really my scene.

  • Had to queue for the Shrews game. Given up since. Just go to the Squirrel or Hour Glass pubs. I'm told there is a restriction on numbers now but how that nbr is arrived at was not explained plus lots of non drinkers go in as well (ie, kids and those just wanting to watch the footie on tv). Once again the Club have come up with yet another way to deter us from spending cash at the club! Mind you, the coffee bar isn't bad..

  • Simple way to stop the non drinkers going in. Charge £3 to go in which is recoverable when you buy a drink (alcholic or soft) from the bar.

  • Recipe for chaos.

  • @FrijidPink said:
    Once again the Club have come up with yet another way to deter us from spending cash at the club!

    They haven't though, have they? The problem is you don't get there early enough. Should the club keep people out of the bar who get there earlier than you (and possibly sup more than you) so you can stroll in at your chosen time? If they did, you'd only be crying about a queue at the bar or something - professional whiner.

    The kids I see in there are monstering through pop and crisps, which (as any publican will tell you) turn a better profit than booze itself.

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