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Three Degrees at Barnet

The Little Beast threatens to make it unseasonably cold on Saturday so Wycombe fans need to pack in tightly.
As it’s a quid a kid game and you can pay on the day there should be a really good following.



  • When will I see you again?

  • I will be in Dorset in the snow so say hello to John Akinde for me. (Hopefully young McGinley will not be marking him in the latter stages of the game...gulp!)

  • Danny Rowe's performance against Akinde a couple of years ago, was one of the worst centre back performances ive seen from a Wanderers Player.
    Rowe seemed terrified of Akinde, went down three times claiming injury before Gareth thankfully hauled him off.
    I cant see Ainsworth letting McGinley anywhere near the starting line up at the Hive.

  • In the absence of Stewart, who to put up against him? El Abd has the experience and Scarr the height but not sure either has the strength or pace, or do you go two-up on him, with maybe Bean(ie)o helping out?

  • As far as I can tell you put three defenders on him to hold his shirt pull him down or even hang on his neck. It's not against the rules anymore it seems...

  • Seem to remember Sido doing a pretty good job against him in a Cup match. Might not be fully match fit currrently.

  • Though we struggled to cope with the wide men last season at their place, seem to remember we handled Akinde OK there last season. That was with Pierre and, I think, Sido.

  • Sido was commanding in last season's fixture, dominated Akinde, outshone Pierre. Sido was excellent at the end of last season in the centre, we really need him right now.

  • Is there anyone on this board who doesn't think we'd have conceded a lot less goals with Pierre in there?

    I think it's a clear difference between a fairly comfy auto promotion and what we'll most likely do, end Just outside

  • Perm any two from three of a fit Stewart, Sidio, Harry would have seen us in the clear.

  • @Malone said:
    Is there anyone on this board who doesn't think we'd have conceded a lot less goals with Pierre in there?

    I think it's a clear difference between a fairly comfy auto promotion and what we'll most likely do, end Just outside

    Depends who Pierre was playing with. With Stewart obviously, but with any of the others not necessarily.

    Remember last season we were generally playing hoof it football (which Pierre tended to be the main culprit) and we had a much better keeper who controlled his area thus taking a lot of pressure off the defenders.

    Personally I find the games much more enjoyable this season despite the poor defending at times. Stewart is the bigger loss.

  • I know it's an opinions game, but I just don't see the Stewart being better viewpoint. Plays it a bit nicer on the floor, but for sheer brute defensive stability, no-one has matched Pierre for a long time.

    But agreed, the two together was a beast of a combo. Such a shame Stewart has so many long lay offs.

  • The failure to having a dominant centre half and keeper, is one of the main reasons we leak so many 'basic' goals.

  • I said at the start of the season that with Blackman and Pierre we would have walked this league

    I think it now more than ever

  • @eric_plant , agree totally. I think just with Pierre back in there we'd be top 3 shoe-ins. But with both we'd be potential champions.

    At league 2 level, I'd much prefer to have Pierre's no nonsense pace and brute strength, than El Abd's attributes. And that's as much as I think the latter is decent now, compared to his arrival.

    At least we can score plenty of goals and be a real threat until the end now. That still gives us a chance.

  • Initial allocation of 600 now sold out.

  • If you want to park at the Hive it's £6. You have to buy a token from the club shop to exit the car park at the end of the game. You can get a chicken-orientated meal at their restaurant/bar called Pecking Order. It's best to pre-book a table the night before (020-3757-5387). Otherwise usual catering fayre inside the ground.

    Another option is to park at Stanmore tube, get a bite to eat in Stanmore then get the Jubilee Line 2 stops to Canons Park. But above all else wrap up warm - it'll be freezing!

  • There's plenty of road parking quite close as well for free in fairness.
    Just potentially don't leave obvious Wycombe gear on display. But that's an obvious at any away ground.

  • Does The Hive have undersoil heating?

  • Not sure......but Westley is full of hot air

  • The atmosphere will be buzzing

  • @EssexWanderer said:
    Does The Hive have undersoil heating?


  • There should be no problem with the pitch at Barnet tomorrow other than, just possibly, the lines becoming obscured but the current forecast suggests that any snow there should be light and early enough for the ground staff to clear them.

    Meanwhile, spare a thought for the 41 Port Vale supporters whose coach failed to start after their match at the Hive on Tuesday evening, including Doreen Robbins, a 78 year old lady who supports them home and away. They had to wait over four hours for a replacement coach and she finally got home at 6 o’clock in the morning. Let’s give her a special welcome next week!

  • @StrongestTeam said:
    It's not even particularly cold in NW London at the moment, rumours / predictions of snow overnight might happen but will be a lot worse in the rest of the country.

    It’s 12 degrees Celsius in Wycombe and Barnet currently but it will be zero this time tomorrow with a strong easterly wind. There probably won’t be too much snow;
    in that respect, the east coast (and some way inland from the east coast) will probably be a lot worse off.

  • The 95% chance snow one weather site had predicted for our area yesterday certainly looks a head scratcher at the moment. It feels fine! Famous last words?

  • At 5 o'clock today I was out walking the dog in just a shirt and jumper (plus trousers and shoes I should add). I doubt very much that I'll be able to wear anything less than full thermals and a coat tomorrow!

  • Chances are, that any sudden influx of snow will happen while we're at the game. Which will be different!

  • Temp has dropped 5c is last two hours in the area as I just left a st pats day dinner very near to Barnet,I think it will be white when I return at 1pm for the match!

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