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Moved into the Bean role in front of the back 4 he was superb today. Calm on the ball, getting stuck in, a lot of headers. This role suits him at this stage of his career.


  • He was excellent in that position against Hartlepool (A) but then had a shocker in the same role the following game.

    I'm a huge fan of Matt but must confess to having been unimpressed by him for large parts of this season, even when others were beginning to sing his praises.

    Yesterday he was calm and marshalled the gap between the defence and midfield well. He's not someone I'd think would fit naturally into that role and for all of Bean's faults he does do the key aspects of the job pretty effectively. For me if you play well in a position you stay there so Bloomfield now holds that place and has the chance to make it his own.

  • @BlueBoy, don't get me started on 'if you play well in a position you..' Oh wait, Rowe has returned Rotherham and Pierre pushing for Chairboys top goal scorer.

  • I think Matt has had one of his best seasons in a Wycombe shirt. Oddly, he has improved since his lengthy injury in my view.

  • I totally agree @Glenactico I have been thinking exactly that the last few weeks. While many people refuse to give him any credit.

  • There were posts on here and the Facebook page slating Bloomfield almost every week not so long ago.
    These have now stopped, that tells you all you need to know about how he's currently playing.

  • As one who confesses to not having been able to see down the years just what Matt Bloomfield brings to the game, I have been pretty impressed with many of his performances lately and on Saturday he gave one of his best. Great guy of course and, like most Wycombe fans, I have great respect for him as a person.

    Incidentally, I wasn't going to add his surname but bearing in mind that the teams on Saturday had 8 Matts between them (including a Matieu!) I thought I should.

  • Bloomfield is knocking up some awesome performances laterly, long may that continue.

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