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Dulwich Hamlet landlords trademark their name


  • Awful. Was a cracking ground. Such a shame.

    As a post-script the more I see and hear of Rio Ferdinand since his retirement from football the more I am impressed by the man. A good antidote to the likes of Sol Cambell

  • Sharky couldn't go down that route as WWFC had already registered their Trade marks see

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    Ok, we acted with foresight then. Still can’t believe anyone would want to put a community team out of business though, and it seems like it was because the board said bad things about him. Although having planning permission turned down probably upset him.........

  • The lows that property developers will stoop to to force football clubs out of their homes shouldn't surprise or shock me, but trademark squatting the club is a new one.
    Hopefully football and local politics can rally behind the Hamlet and the club can be saved.

  • Excellent article @wformation Thanks for that.

  • @wformation said:
    Sharky couldn't go down that route as WWFC had already registered their Trade marks see

    If he owned WWFC then he owned the trademark too?

    People can't believe that lawyers and property businesses would do this sort of thing despite overwhelming evidence that they do.

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    Who knew that Bluey, before his demise, had such illustrious ancestors?

  • There is a difference between the Owners of the land where Dulwich Hamlets play registering the Trade Marks, and the fact that the Football club(WWFC) had registered the trade marks. The Club owned the Trade marks not the Share holders.

  • Reading this story makes me suspend my belief that all people are fundamentally good. What a bunch of tossers

  • Ground Share at deadly rivals Tooting, well an offer of help till the end of the season.

  • I remember games against Hamlet in the Isthmian League, both home and away, from a bygone era. What a sad state of affairs this is. I hope that the bunch of loonies who have chosen to threaten the existence of a proud club somehow get their just deserts.

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