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Cambridge Attendance Prediction

I will start with:

Total 4825, 358 from the amber army.

Prize - One programme rolled over (but not rolled up) from the Cheltenham game for the closest prediction. A supplementary prize of one Wycombe / Cambridge badge from Terry's badges, to treasure with pride, also for the closest predication.

Small print - As suggested by @WendoverSkyBlue only true Wycombe fans can win the programme, anyone can win the badge.
In the event of a tie or equidistant predictions, closest away crowd prediction will count.

I know a handful of Cambridge fans and I am tempted to post a link to this thread on their forum. I will abide by the outcome of this poll as it stands on Wednesday evening.

  1. Shall I post a link to this thread on a Cambridge fans forum15 votes
    1. No
    2. Yes


  • 4614 with 402 Cambridge. 2-1 to us, Blooms and CMS.

  • 4724 with 526 from Cambridge.

  • 4457 with 478 from Cambridge

  • 4,480 with 460 Cambride watch us win 2-1

  • 4550 with 475 from cambs

  • 4,501 with 398 from Cambridge

  • 4082 with 385 from Cambridge

  • 4115 with 402 from cambridge

  • I see Luton are at home so I'll revise our attendance down by one. 4549.
    and I'll agree with a 2-1 to us.

  • Thanks to all for predicting.
    I have just voted on the poll - which I think has now made the poll score visible as it was at 18.00 on Tuesday, with 14 votes cast, in my post at the beginning of the thread.

  • 4175 with 450 supporting Cambridge.
    3-1 Wycombe.
    A significant portion of the away support will not, strictly, be “from Cambridge”.

  • 4321 - including 319 wearing amber and black favours and 3 from my road.

    2-1 to the good guys.

  • 4398 and 388 punters. 2-2.

  • Here is the link to the prediction table with predictions ordered -

    The average prediction for the total gate is currently 4436 and the average prediction for those supporting the away side is 420.

    I have posted a link to this thread on the CUFC unofficial forum on Proboards which seems to be moderately well used.

  • 4437 421 away 2 0 LON TYS

  • 4942 with 414 away - 2-2 draw

  • 4009 with 387 Cambridge 2-2 draw

  • 4012 with 387 from Cambridge

  • 4567 with 543 away. Tried and tested 3-2 win

  • Sorry to be late with this but been away with no connectivity. 4312 Home and 407 Cambridge. I hope for a 2-1 win.

  • Poor old Brownie, looks like @braywanderer is the only one predicting a clean sheet!

  • @Wendoverman said:
    Poor old Brownie, looks like braywanderer is the only one predicting a clean sheet!

    The law of averages suggests we are due one

  • The Attendance is 4,426 with 371 Cambridge.

  • Congratulations to @braywanderer for fine predicting only 11 over the actual total with 4437 and so very nearly right about the clean sheet and also so very close to being correct in predicting us to score two.
    Although a couple of hundred of the Cambridge viewed the link to this thread, none of them could be bothered to post anything here so we won that about 14 - nil: so I don't know what their shouting was all about at the end of the game. I am on my way back to Cambridge on the train now and they appear to have got over their little bit of excitement - which bodes well for me on Monday morning.

    Credit to @OxfordBlue @Glenactico @Shev and @robin who were all within 100 of correct.
    Also a proper round of applause for the gasroom predictors as a whole - our average prediction of 4418 was only out by 8.

    I have to mention the away predictions partly because everyone made one and we collectively overestimated their interest in the game and partly because I was the closest being 13 out with 358. Shout out for @bookertease who overestimated them by 14! No prizes for away crowd this time.

    @braywanderer if you would like to message me we can fix the award ceremony or I can post the prizes. I intend to be at Barnet and the next home game.

    Here's looking forward. Up with our fan owned Blues.

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