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Cambridge Attendance Prediction

I will start with:

Total 4825, 358 from the amber army.

Prize - One programme rolled over (but not rolled up) from the Cheltenham game for the closest prediction. A supplementary prize of one Wycombe / Cambridge badge from Terry's badges, to treasure with pride, also for the closest predication.

Small print - As suggested by @WendoverSkyBlue only true Wycombe fans can win the programme, anyone can win the badge.
In the event of a tie or equidistant predictions, closest away crowd prediction will count.

I know a handful of Cambridge fans and I am tempted to post a link to this thread on their forum. I will abide by the outcome of this poll as it stands on Wednesday evening.

  1. Shall I post a link to this thread on a Cambridge fans forum15 votes
    1. No
    2. Yes


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