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Ellison, the supreme pantomime villain.

An even bigger Nobhead than Danny Hylton, and that takes some doing. Grudging respect to the old bastard yet, two good goals, one an absolute belter. I had to chuckle when he got booked for nearly taking his shirt off. At the end of the first half and having had his head clobbered,the poor lad was on his knees in front of me getting dogs abuse. He took it for a few seconds, then looked up and snarled '3-0!!' A freak result being beaten by that pub team....I wonder if Martin Taylor would have conceded 4 today....



  • Ellison is nowhere near Hylton in the villain stakes. Hylton has a conviction for racial abuse remember. Ellison's banter with the Beechdean suggests he has a sense of humour about his panto status.

  • Ellison is a class act. How did we give him so much time and space today? It's not as if he's an unknown quantity. Martin Taylor? He had a reasonably well organised defence in front of him, unlike poor Brown.

  • Martin Taylor was the best keeper we have ever had. Brown is an average second division keeper at best.

  • How did he stay on the pitch after the late assault?

    One of the less effective refereeing performances. Not seeing the attempted shirt swap with Bayo in their box in the second half brings a new meaning to letting the game flow.

    Not using that as an overall excuse however.

  • And Taylor had McCarthy and Bates in front of him, possibly our best centre back pairing.

  • I know this is the point of the thread and exactly the outcome he wants, but I absolutely despise Ellison. Every time we play them I just want someone to wipe him out in the first five minutes. He is good though and causes us no end of problems.

  • For a 39 year old he is an immense player. Probably the most lively player on the park today. Clearly loves playing against us and is our nemesis time and time again

  • And doesn’t he milk it, largely on his own I noticed.

  • Looking at how well Ellison plays there seems no reason why Bayo couldn't still be effective at that age.

  • If we signed Hylton I’d stop coming. If we signed Ellison I’d turn up every week.

  • @drcongo said:
    If we signed Hylton I’d stop coming. If we signed Ellison I’d turn up every week.

    That is an intriguing comparison.

  • My first time seeing Ellison and I was super-impressed, not just by his two top-notch goals but by the way he reacted to getting a solid boot in the face from McGinley. Most would have gone down from it, possibly looked to get the game stopped so as to recover. I'd not have criticised them if they had -it was obviously a painful one. He went down on his haunches for a few seconds to gather his senses, rose and ran back to catch up the game. Showed a lot of character, I thought. He's obviously a bit of a rascal too, isn't he!

  • I agree with @drcongo re. DDH v Ellison. I was thinking about that this morning and came to the same conclusion.

  • I've never despised a player as much as I despise Hylton

    Ellison is more your modern day Ken McKenna

  • Ellison is quality. The McKenna comparison is spot on. Hylton is a racist twat.

  • Yes totally agree with the McKenna comparison. Dislikable on the pitch, but someone you grudgingly admit is a very good player and would probably love if he was in your team. Hylton is just a nasty piece of work, however good he may be.

  • I thought Ellison was very quiet in terms of antics yesterday. Without the history of before I would have given it a look. For me he was lucky to receive some rank bad keeping for his first but it was a decent strike. The header was top draw.

    I'd hate us to sign diving Danny Hylton. Him and Ellison are totally different. Hylton is just a pathetic excuse of a man.

  • He loves being the centre of attention and taking stick off opposition fans, though he seemed non-plussed when someone on the terrace called him a 'shit Richard O'Brien'!

  • Kevin Ellison (born 23 February 1979) is an English professional footballer who plays for Morecambe.

  • The Hylton/Ellison debate is interesting, and i'm in agreement with the guys who say they are chalk and cheese.
    Hylton is a dishonest cheating bastard, with very unsavoury history, whereas Ellison is at least an honest player who will batter and be battered. He takes it all in good spirits and the Bean hair pulling incident and some physical challenges aside - he isn't in the same league.

    One heck of a couple of finishes! I dare say he's still got another year in him

  • Ellison will be a twat for 90 minutes and then shake hands at the end. Hylton will just carry on being a twat.

  • @Jonny_King indeed. Hylton Regularly voted the twats twat i believe. Ellison looked like he was enjoying the flak the way bayo does without whipping it up.

  • During the first half a gentleman in the family stand, sitting with his two young sons, shouted "Shut up Ellison, you fucking wanker" at him to which he responded with "Sorry mate" and raised his hand. He's just the pantomime villain and I would rather he was looking after my kids than the foul mouthed Wycombe fan sitting near me.

  • That is appalling. That sort of language in the family area should result, if not in ejection, at least a word of warning from a steward but I don’t suppose there was one within earshot.

  • The difference is I'd happily have Ellison playing for Wycombe; I couldn't bear to watch a Wycombe team with Hylton in it.

  • @Sherrinford what did you say to the bloke swearing in front of kids?

  • Shut your effing mouth?
    Loved Ellison’s reaction. Sounds like he’s used to a bit of abusive language.

  • I saw that interaction as I was sat just above it in the Frank Adams, but I didn't hear what was said. Quite a funny response from Ellison to a fairly moronic comment.

  • @peterparrotface said:
    Sherrinford what did you say to the bloke swearing in front of kids?

    He had well and truly 'lost his head' so I didn't say anything to him. Judging by the stewards who are normally in that area they wouldn't have either, had there been one to be found. I did make a mental note of the block, row and approximate seat number he would have been sat in though and will see if he's there for the next game. I'm assuming that if he's a season ticket holder the club would be able to identify him.

    Block F, Row G, Seat number 125/126/127

  • Big chap then taking up three seats!

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