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  • Yes, sadly Karl Robinson is quite a good appointment for them.

  • I do wonder what GA thinks when these appointments are made.

    In recent weeks, Jose Morais at Barnsley, John Sheridan at Fleetwood, Steve Evans at Peterborough, David Flitcroft at Mansfield, Gary Monk at Birmingham, Phil Brown at Swindon, Dean Keates at Walsall, and now apparently Karl Robinson at Oxford and Paul Clement at Reading - all arguably currently bigger clubs than WWFC, all probably paying more money, in most if not each case frankly I would have seen GA as a better candidate.

    It is possible of course that GA was sounded out for one or more of these roles and said no. If not he must wonder what he needs to do to secure a bigger role.

  • @DevC yes why oh why is our manager not being tempted away from our crappy team?

  • I quite liked Karl's rambling Scouse monologues myself.

  • The good news is that Karl Robinson doesn't know who Luke O'Nien is so at least he won't be trying to woo him to Oxford this summer.

  • I dislike Karl Robinson intensely, which is most probably down to his history with the franchise. However, he has also perfected faux-humility in a soft Scouse lilt, which rather makes my skin crawl. I'm not entirely convinced he's a great manager either. I hope I'm right.

  • "It is possible of course that GA was sounded out for one or more of these roles and said no. If not he must wonder what he needs to do to secure a bigger role."

    Maybe apply for one? I must admit I'm assuming he hasn't but I think we'd have heard rumours if he had.

    And the one he was (apparently) sounded out for (Barnsley), the club told them where to go as he's under contract!

    He will go when he's ready (I hope) to a club where he wants to go. Unless of course we lose at home to Port Vale when undoubtedly people will say he should be sacked

  • Why would he even consider going now when he has a chance of getting a promotion on his CV.

    Gareth is unlikely to be badly off financially due to his largely successful playing career, so money would not be his prime object. He will certainly be getting a number of job offers in the summer and I doubt very much whether he will be here next season. However, I am sure the vast majority of us would wish him well in the rest of his management career, provided it is not with the other "club" in Bucks.

  • I honestly can't see GA going anywhere if we get promoted. He would be silly to.

  • @LX1 said:
    I honestly can't see GA going anywhere if we get promoted. He would be silly to.


    History tells him we struggle when we go up to league 1, it might make sense for him to go with while his stock is highest should he get us up.

  • Fair point. But I would imagine GA knows his limitations. What he is doing at Wycombe is fantastic imho. But he isn't a tactical genius. Making a small upward move old turn out bad I think. Admittedly I am typing this hoping he is reading and helps him ruling out leaving

  • *could not old

  • Incidentally I work with a few (rather deluded) Vale fans who are convinced he will move there because he clapped them after we beat them 3_2 (32 again!) They are on danger of sleepwalking out of the League!

  • On that basis, this season, he'd be on his way to about five clubs.

  • I could be has been known...but I reckon GA would stay if we went up. His position is secure, it will be a challenge to keep us up (or get close to another promotion???) and he has the chance for more experience in a higher league with us. I think he would relish it. Unless someone comes in with a huge deal, unturndownable and big enough to to tempt him away from a comfy billet that is.

  • It is amusing how every time we get a good win people raise the subject of GA leaving and make comparisons with MO'N. Then we lose to a team like Morecambe and it stops

  • and if we did go up and he failed Stevenage will always be looking for a League two manager...!

  • It'd have to be an insanely tempting one in a lifetime type offer for him to leave with us this close to glory.
    If said glory is achieved, even the loudest drone army member couldn't begrudge him the perfect end to his spell here. Full circle from almost taking us to oblivion to the "promised land" of league 1.

    I would fear a little for him if we went up and struggled. The drone army have shown their form for frothing at the bit when we've hit a dodgy spell this season, and we're having a brilliant season. So it doesn't take much imagination to see their ire re-surfacing.

  • Agreed @Malone but, as we all know, if we go up....only target next season would be to STAY up but in the best way possible. I realise that for some not aiming immediate Championship promotion would show his lack of ambition and tactical nous

  • @Wendoverman lmao!

    @Malone yeah as an obvious GA fan it worries me that some fans seem to relish the opportunity to discredit the manager. Respect their opinion but I disagree.

  • 'It is amusing how every time we get a good win people raise the subject of GA leaving'

    It's one person and he does it time after time. Amazed by the amount of traction this troll generates with basically the same post once a month or so.

  • Yeah sorry for adding fuel to the fire

  • Indeed. After an excellent win, I was looking forward to the game on Saturday, not musing as to whether or not our manager might be upset he hasn't been offered another job. I'm not musing at all at why GA is staying in fact. He is on the verge of possibly clinching his first promotion why would he leave for any of the League Two or League One clubs @DevC mentioned? And the Championship clubs would want a 'name' manager. It seemed a bizarre post to me...hence my initial reaction.

  • @ RITM - do you not understand the phrase 'don't feed the troll'. Every time you post suggesting somebody is a troll you just feed their desire for publicity or whatever. The only way to deal with trolls is to ignore them.

  • Maybe Gareth subscribes to the biblical dictum that the love of money is the root of all evil. He has been quoted as saying he is ambitious but then he would, wouldn’t he and what’s to say that, at least in the immediate future, his ambition might not be directed towards achieving stability in League 1?

    But I’m jumping the gun. Let’s get there first!

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