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  • Key quote: "If I am with Wycombe in five years, I am assuming we have gone higher.”

    I hope he can steer the team to a level of success that will make him want to stick around.

  • Time to offer Gaz a new 5 year contract. Such a unique character is hard to find.

  • Idle question - if Gaz were still to be around in 5 years, would it likely mean he had surpassed St. Martin? Or is that just not possible?

  • Top bloke, great article too that paints us in a very positive light. If any managers in this league deserve promotion, its him and Tisdale.

  • Idle question number 2 - if we were to get promoted this season (looking probable) but found things a little harder in Lg1 (possible), would GA still be a hero or would he revert to being a f%&ing useless Gpo.

  • @OakwoodExile said:
    Idle question - if Gaz were still to be around in 5 years, would it likely mean he had surpassed St. Martin? Or is that just not possible?

    Depends on how we've done. If we're a solid mid table league 1 side flirting with L1 play offs or better he'll be close.

  • most predictable post in history

  • Can someone fill me in to when his contract expires ?

  • Nice to read an article about Wycombe this season without a single mention of Akinfenwa - not that he doesn't deserve the plaudits, but it's nice to remember this squad has talent throughout.

    I would counter the optimism of Gaz The Gaffer hinting he'd stick around for another five years if we were promoted with the line about him thinking about not registering as a player next season. Sure, that stands to reason given he's not getting any younger. But it also hints that he's actively considering a future away from the club. Not unexpected - but worth noting before people get carried away.

    Also, two nitpicking points. Firstly we won't have completed the five year plan a year early if we go up. Sustainable football in League One refers to not getting relegated straightaway. Putting the club on a sustainable financial footing came in year three of the plan.

    Secondly - "If I can save a bit, great. It feels like it is my place but I think that is just how I am; I have never been a flamboyant sort of spender in any walk.” The journalist must have failed to spot Gareth's Mustang in the carpark on the way in!

  • @DevC said:
    Idle question number 2 - if we were to get promoted this season (looking probable) but found things a little harder in Lg1 (possible), would GA still be a hero or would he revert to being a f%&ing useless Gpo.

    Give me strength

  • Idle answer 1
    Martin O'Neill will never be passed in my opinion.

    Idle answer 2
    It is most definitely not 'probable' that we will be promoted this season. It would be a great achievement and if we are banking it as a given already we only stand to be disappointed. Ainsworth has only been described as per your post by the moronic few but I guess it suits your line about creating fear around him leaving.

  • It must be pretty close to probable at this point - maybe not quite passed the magic 50% but another win or two would do it. Definitely probable that we’ll finish top 7 at least.

    And, yes, it would be a great achievement.

  • Best odds now 5-2on - its the probable category - not definite by a long way but probable.

    A moronic few to those extremes, yes, but the underlying sentiment more widespread. I suspect if we were bottom six in November, this forum would be full of people queuing up to slag the manager off. Even you Mr Muddle may regard him as "under pressure".

    perhaps we will only get a better insight (in either direction) into how GA has performed when we see what happens when he leaves

  • @DevC I suspect you hope this will happen so you can post about it.

    It won't.

  • You have a very skewed perception because your only insight into Wycombe fans are the posts on here by a tiny percentage of supporters

    Coupled with a total lack of self awareness and acceptance that this is the case

    Those who actually go to games and spend time with and chat to other supporters realise that "Wycombe supporters" (this imaginary homogenous group that you use in so many of your straw man arguments) does not really exist, and even if it did, would encompass far more than the few who post comments on gasroom 2.0

  • or you are in fact entirely aware of this and are just a bog standard troll

    f*cking tedious either way

  • Please don't put words in to my mouth or abuse me @DevC. You have no idea at all what I or anyone else would think in your hypothetical and totally pointless scenario. You really do live in a fantasy land in so many ways.

    Call me paranoid but at no point in recent weeks and certainly not now do I think promotion is 'probable'. Quoting bookies is only a refuge of those who don't actual feel what is going on at the moment. There are too many teams too close to us for me to feel anything other that excitement about the next few weeks.

  • Oops - I suspect you will not believe me but "Mr Muddle" was a genuine typo - only one letter out! My apologies for any distress caused.

    I'll leave the abuse to others.....

  • I used to try and stick up for you Dev, but you've become a parody of your former self. Give it a rest, come up with some new material.

  • It’s probable Luton go up, right? So we’re only (only!) five points away from being probable at the very most.

  • Don't believe it for one minute @DevC. Just a pity you don't actually just face up to it.

  • I cannot compare him to MON as a manager, but if we go up and The Gazzer stays and then we consolidate in League One. That will be a great achievement in my book. He has stabilised the club, gone close to one promotion and given us some decent cup runs to swell the coffers. If we do go up, I expect him to get an unmissable offer from someone higher up...but if he stays I think he can, at least, create a squad to stay up.

  • The MoN question is an interesting one. It is widely accepted that he will never be surpassed but is that fair on Ainsworth? MoN came in at a time when the club was prepared / preparing to make a major leap forward and he was given decent resources to do so. He created an atmosphere at the club of complete unity for those 3 seasons when we went from top Conference to league 1.
    Ainsworth took us from the verge of extinction one could argue and has created a really exciting atmosphere around the place over the past three seasons. Whilst his tenure won't amount for much in terms of history books unless he achieves one promotion he will certainly be at worst my second favourite Wycombe manager.

  • Gary Waddock is ahead of GA as he got us promoted, GA needs to do so to surpass him first before you even talk about MoN

  • and yes I know GW had a better budget than GA

  • Another thread, another Dev related hijacking.

    On the question of surpassing O Neill, Gaz would need back to back promotions for starters.
    But even that wouldn't match the magic era of bringing us into the league.

    However, you could argue Gaz is doing it on less budget.

    Let's just get this promotion sorted first!

  • edited February 2018

    I moved to Wycombe a few weeks after MON's departure, and started supporting the team that year, so have no personally gained opinion on his time at the club.

    Gareth Ainsworth has, in my opinion, been the best manager we have had in the 23 seasons that I have now been a Wycombe supporter. Some of the others have been good or very good in some aspects, some have delivered successes that Ainsworth has not (e.g. promotions), some have just been downright useless at the job (Smith and Adams, take a bow), but none have done what Ainsworth has done in terms of building, slowly, within the means available to him, what is now a very competitive League Two side with excellent team spirit and work ethic that has a genuine chance of promotion and, if that is achieved, maybe even avoiding the immediate relegation that followed the previous two promotions. This has all been achieved whilst continuing to display great respect to the club, its fans and to the opposition, and by sticking to his guns and not reacting to those critics of the formations and tactics that he has chosen to deploy on the pitch.

    I also believe that he has developed, during his time here as player and manager, a genuine, emotional connection to Wycombe Wanderers Football Club; the kind of attachment that most managers never come close to at the various clubs where they are employed during their career.

    Taking all the above into account, Gareth Ainsworth is my favourite manager from my time supporting Wycombe.

  • Good post @Uncle_T . I lived through, and thoroughly loved, the MO'N years and they were really exciting times for a club really on the up and up, with seemingly the whole town behind them. Those times are unlikely to be repeated. Ainsworth has succeeded in very different circumstances and arguably against greater odds than O'Neill. Hard to really compare the two because of those circumstances. Ainsworth is probably just edging ahead of Sanchez now in achievement, Sanchez's reputation obviously still hamstrung by his final year here, where he lost the players, the fans and the plot.

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