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Gareth Ainsworth awarded EFL Manager Of The Month

Congratulations to you Gareth and all the team. Good luck tomorrow at Exeter. COYB.



  • Prepare for a winless run of 8 games. That thing is a bloody curse isn't it?

  • The EFL write is well worth a read, includes reference to the Carlisle game as well.
    Congratulations Gareth , and as you say in the EFL report you have a great bunch of players.

  • Absolutely amazing that all of you so called fans and regular posters on this forum cannot even post a congratulatory message to Gareth and the team on their joint achievement of getting
    to 2nd in the league in January.
    You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • And you shouldn't post after you've been drinking.

  • I wish ! You should be ashamed that you cannot acknowledge the team's achievements and instead attack me personally. Why not try offering some support and encouragement to our manager and players - they have a very important game today at Exeter to play, in case you had forgotten.
    COYB .

  • I think m’lard has posted on the wrong thread. Would surely be much more at home on the one about delusional self importance.
    (Hangs head in shame) β€œApologies for my tardiness Mr. Ainsworth, you really are phenomenal at making the boys score and believe until the final whistle so don’t let the curse strike our form and please don’t leave for the premiership just yet ... promotion, glory, recognition”; (doff, doff) β€œplease sir, may I have another” (Wycombe win)

  • LX1LX1
    edited February 2018

    As @clifty04 says 'you don't know what you've got until it's gone.' Wise words

  • @NorsQuarters - that is complete b-ll-x!!

    @LX1 - I totally agree. COYB

  • I imagine this is nothing for GA. As you can see in that picture he is almost embarrassed to receive the award. Gazza wants to get us promoted and is completely focused on that goal. His man management borders on Clough/genius. No better man.

    Well played Garreth. Onto the next game.

  • What would be the point of posting a message of congratulations in a place where the person/people you are congratulating will never see it?

    I was planning on flying a plane with a banner over St James Park later today

  • Save fuel. Fly it over AP on Tuesday @bookertease.

  • @lordmelchester said:
    Absolutely amazing that all of you so called fans and regular posters on this forum cannot even post a congratulatory message to Gareth and the team on their joint achievement of getting
    to 2nd in the league in January.
    You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

    You got far enough up your @r$e yet?

    A) How do you know I haven't? I am a regular poster BTW.
    B) I have been a long term admirer of GA & his achievements both as a player and manager. I choose, when, where & how to convey my thoughts on his record.
    As such, as far as I'm concerned you can stick that post where the sun don't shine!

  • Sorry m’lard, just avin a larf and assumed your post was tongue in cheek also!

  • @EwanHoosami / @NorsQuarters
    Sorry, , but I think I only speak for true supporters on this forum - you both need to get a life and support our team. COYB.

  • Been imbibing again your lordship?

  • @micra
    So you are the third member of the Gasroom2 holy trinity - God help you all.COYB,

  • edited February 2018

    If you really haven't been drinking, maybe consider taking it up.

  • @lordmelchester You seem to be suffering from chronic Gatekeeper syndrome. See your GP.

  • I'm glad that true Wycombe fans finally have the hero they need. Rather than that lump Bayo.

  • @HCblue
    You seem to have an issue with drinking. I suggest instead of your constant negative criticism of posters on this forum that you try making some constructive comments on GA's award and the outstanding achievements currently being made by the team.

  • Ok. I suggest GA's award is packed with anti-psychotic medication and used as an impromptu suppository to help you over your remarkable self-delusion. That constructive enough for you?

  • @lordmelchester At first I thought you were attempting a parody post. But I guess not. I've just Googled Melvyn Lewis (that is your name, right?) and I can't see any association with the club. But I can see that you've been critical of the club on this forum before, many times. Such as:

    "Not concerned about the " personal reasons' for Danny. Rowe's absence. However very concerned that we have lost the services of a very talented player and had no comment from the club."

    And when it comes to "negative criticism" - this was your opinion previously:

    "Inane comment from HC Blue - really thought that this was the Gasroom2, where our views and opinions, even when we are "speculating" can be aired and discussed, without recourse to fellow gasroomers."

    You've been happy to criticise players in the past:

    "Today just confirms my worst fears re the decision to make Scott Brown our Number 1 keeper + the signing of El Abd."

    "Letting in too many goals. Design of goalkeeper shirt not only disgusting, but not helping Brown put the strikers off from scoring. We need to change the shirt design and find a new keeper to replace Brown before the transfer windows closes."

    And when it comes to Gareth Ainsworth, you've also previously been quick to criticise:

    "Unfortunately we are left with having to speculate, when the club and GA ,in particular, leave us in the dark about players futures / injuries, etc. ..."

    "I am sure Danny is fine, but being continually being snubbed by his manager is not acceptable. He should have been one of the 7 subs on the bench with his ability to play in both defence and midfield. Knowing how GA treats players, who are "out of favour" - I fully agree with Andy's post. Unless , of course, your name happens to be Paul Hayes , who can do no wrong."

    In fact, you've previously called for Gareth Ainsworth to be sacked:

    "Keith Scott - your time has come.
    We need you now , Keith

    "Keith Scott has the club in his soul - not only has he been a great player for the club but also he is one of us - supporting the club from the stands.
    Need a fresh approach from a new manager to bring our supporters back."

    So perhaps you could stop being so damn hypocritical now and grow up a little?

  • @aloysius
    Such a shame that you have to make a personal attack. We are all entitled to our opinions.
    My concerns re GA were valid at the time, and yes I admit that previously I did want Keith Scott as manager. Equally I believe that GA deserves congratulations on his achievements with the current team. Not too much to ask ,is it?
    For the record both myself and my family have a long association with the club - more than you I would hazard to guess.

    Guess I must have touched a nerve.

  • @Micra Planes can't fly over Adams Park( Noise Abatement Rules) Try a parachute jump, although Wycombe Managers have not be too pleased with them in the past

  • It okay. I’m planning to tie the message to a (red) kite. Might have to wait until a Saturday game though.

    @lordmelchester I must admit I thought at first it was a parody (or inebriated) comment. Not sure the personal attacks on either side have added to the debate much though. P&L

  • Why not try a partridge they fly lower.

  • Don’t I have to wait until August before letting a game bird loose?

  • Partridges try to walk it into the net.

  • Have we had the minute's silence for those Gasroomers who believe GA not to be up to the job and an appalling man manager yet? They must be very upset at this difficult time.

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