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edited February 2018 in Football

We have Select Group 2 Officials for our next games which is nice to see,

Stephen Martin at Exeter and Andrew Madley against Swindon.


  • Why the hyphen?

  • All referees are awful. Doesn't seem to matter how rated they are.

  • I can tell u now, neither are as bad as that arsehole we had on saturday.

  • Just out of curiosity - I am wondering how many of the posters on here have actually refereed a football match ?
    I did it for a number of years starting at U9's (boys and girls) and up to my final match being at Youth level, I purely did this as a volunteer due to the lack of available Referees and completely free of charge (and I can tell you some horrific stories).
    Anyone who has refereed a football match, at whatever level, will appreciate that it is extremely difficult to get every decision absolutely right.
    I am extremely offended by the comments that all referees are "Awful" or "Arseholes", we are just like all other human beings - we will make the odd mistake now and then, and I have admitted to a few !!
    Of course the alternative is a game ruled by VAR !! Cue Mr Plant !!

  • Come on Richie utilise your ref knowledge and advise us on how gaz should go about winning the next two games and perhaps predict scores.

  • Well said @Ceefax_Striker, comments and opinions are one thing and indeed almost the entire point of spectating at all but insults can never be condoned. In fact I would say that it merely underlines the lack of intelligence, understanding and humility of the one passing the insult. I have only run the line a few times for the kids and that was hard enough.

  • Interestingly, Stephen Martin refereed our trip to Exeter in 2015/16. When he somehow failed to show Marcus Bean a straight red card.

  • Stephen Martin had a stinker on Saturday and gave Preston a penalty that never was in a million years, might be a punishment he is being sent to ref us, on the other hand Madley has a Yorkshire derby on Saturday so don't think he is being punished.

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