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'You can't expect anything in this game, you have to earn it'

I was struck by this quote from Gaz today. I wonder if the centre section of the Frank Adams stand will bear this in mind tomorrow.

In recent home games too many have been too quick to get on the backs of the side and individuals when things haven't gone well at certain stages of games. I think these frustrations feed on to the pitch. I wonder if one regular centre section supporter will last longer than 30 mins before walking out like in the last home game.

I'm assuming the pit h will be awful tomorrow. I'm assuming the ref will be rubbish too. I just hope the team get the support they deserve, especially if those who go expecting remember the quote above.


  • @Right_in_the_Middle I don't think Block P has been quite as bad this season, mainly due to the departure last summer of a certain player who wasn't exactly the favourite of some so-called 'supporters' in this section, but you're right, many of these people don't exactly get behind the team. As I've said before on here, my particular bugbear is when we're doing well in the game, there is absolutely no praise or encouragement coming from these guys - they are conspicuous by their silence. As soon as there is a stray pass, or a mistake, however, you can feel the atmosphere become almost poisonous, as during the first half of the Oxford game. I'm convinced this is one of the main reasons for our relatively poor home record - the players become edgy, lose their confidence, and things go from bad to worse on the field.

  • agreed, our away support may have something to do with those performances as well - wish it felt as good at Adams Park

  • Two good home wins required.

  • The difference in vocal support for away games compared to the home support is quite startling! Take the last two aways, Daggers & Burton, the singing and general encouragement was beyond reason. 1st half at Daggers was utter poo on the field with general improvement in the second half, (understandable given how windy it was, but the vocal support was there throughout the 90 minutes. Burton, the vocal support was there for 100 minutes, before, during and after the whistle.
    If that atmosphere could be recreated inside AP I'm fairly certain that could be the difference between a draw and a win in some games?

  • The atmosphere and support for the team at away games is the reason why I attend as many away games as I do home games (and also not living just round the corner from Adams Park). The traveling army support the team through thick and thin, and I genuinely believe the team feed off it and hence why we are so successful on the road. The best atmosphere I have experienced at AP this year was Shrewsbury, with support from all sides of the ground. Would though it have been the same had we not got the early goal I wonder?

    So hoping for an early goal tomorrow to settle the nerves, but more importantly lift the crowd.

    Can't wait. COYB

  • I do not think you can single out a single block of the ground.As a season ticket holder in block P who goes to both home and nearly every away game I find the comments a bit disrespectful. The main difference between home and away I believe is that the Wycombe fans are normally all in one area at away games and so appear more together in support whereas at Adams Park we are spread all over the ground.

  • @hipsmann1 Hardly spread far. We outnumber the away support and are in 3/4s of the stadium!

  • The main thrust of negative chants, especially during Oxford game, were coming from our fans behind the goals.
    The level of expectation is natural and I would also challenge all on here to be honest, as I am sure most of us have singled out under performing or disinterested players during our time supporting the blues.
    So not just block P of the Frank Adams stand. For the record I am in the Main Stand every game.

  • @hipsmann1 The only reason I mention block P is because that's where I sit. Can't comment on other areas of the ground because it's not really possible to hear individual comments, and it's sometimes difficult to work out who chants from the terrace are aimed at. I was actually saying that block P had been better this season, but when we need the crowd's support, i.e. when things aren't going well for us on the field, it's often sadly lacking, and I'll stand by that comment 100%. That may also be the case in other areas of the ground, but it's difficult to say with any degree of certainty

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