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Nathan Tyson

edited January 2018 in Football

What a class act this man is, after years in the championship and no doubt commanding high wages, at 35 he still has the desire and hunger to perform at the FL basement level whilst no doubt on a much lower salary.
His pace and physical condition for a 35 year old, is breathtaking, and injuries permitting could go on for a good few years yet.
His record as Wanderers all time record FL scorer is unlikely to beaten for a considerable time, simply as any young striker
who finds the net reguarly in the bottom 2 divisions, pretty quickly has the vultures circling.


  • Tyson and CMS have been inspired signings. Both are up for it and want to score. It stretches defences who are concentrating on Bayo and I think it has helped PCH as well to have two old men giving him a run for his money!

  • He was quite extraordinary last night. One of the finest performances in a Wycombe shirt I have ever had the privilege of watching

  • His two goals last night were good, but I'm particularly impressed by the calm-headed way he didn't rush to get a second shot off after his attempt was saved in the second minute, took his time to look for the best option and laid it off for PCH to shoot and score.

  • A joy to watch

  • In his post match interview, together with Brown, it's clear he is thoroughly enjoying his football at the moment. That's testament to the mood within the squad, GA's management and Nathan himself. Last night were is 49th & 50th goals for WWFC and I'm sure he's going to score more!
    I imagine he'd relish the chance to play league 1 next year, for WWFC, he still looks capable and up for it.

  • He was, as they say, buzzing! And he doesn't look his age on camera any more than he does on the field. He seems just a joy to have around.

  • Am I right in thinking during his first stint were we relegated from Lg 1 and then enjoyed some degree of success in Lg 2 but no promotion? It would be rather nice if he were part of a side to take us back to that level.

  • @Glenactico If I remember correctly, he was signed, initially on loan, by Tony Adams in the relegation season. He then signed permanently the following season, scored a good few goals before the season fizzled out. The next season, with Mooney as his partner he tore up the division under Gorman until being sold in November as the countries top scorer.

  • Just saw the highlights and his second goal in particular stood out. Made the run, the ball was blocked, held the line of the defender and told Gape where he wanted it. The rest as they say is history. That kind of calmness and presence of mind doesn’t come align that often. As for the finish he is the same as in his first spell. Put him through on goal and you may as well nip off and have a coffee; he’s going to score.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub There’s a great view of that little exchange with Gape in the video I just posted in the Luton match day thread.

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