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Surely no one in their right mind is still in favour of this nonsense? It is even worse than I thought it was going to be, and I thought it was going to be terrible

Completely spoils the game. Ditch it now



  • Getting more decisions right spoils the game?

  • Completely and utterly

    Getting the odd dodgy decision is easily a price worth paying for not having the life sucked out of a game and ruining the truly joyous moment of celebrating seeing your team score a goal

  • But what about the desperation of losing promotion to an offside goal? Had VAR been around Chesterfield would have rightly take their place in the FA Cup final all those years ago. Rugby League and Cricket fans have managed to get on with it, why can’t football fans.

  • So your major argument is that it works well in sports that are nothing like football?

  • It works well in sport because it eradicates errors

  • FWIW I have no ‘major argument’ merely a discussion I’d have said, the general point to a forum, no?

  • But 'sport' isn't a homogenous thing is it? What makes rugby league and cricket popular is not what makes football popular. You could argue that the very thing that makes football the most popular sport in the world is the very thing that VAR is spoiling.

    All it achieved in the Chelsea Norwich game was to make the ref look less competent and the fans, players and manager more angry.

  • The main gripe was that it ruins the moment for a fan celebrating, rugby has tries and cricket has wickets, so they have that celebration ‘moment’. I’d argue they are identical in that aspect to be honest.

  • And right now it’s not perfect, but it’s a huge step in the right direction. My issue is it not being consistently used through the leagues and what will be done to support costs to clubs outside of the Premier League...

  • I agree with your second point. What makes football beautiful is that it's fundamentally the same on the Rye as it is at Old Trafford.

    Keeping telling me that it works well in sports that are nothing like football, and i'll keep reminding you that it works well in sports that are nothing like football.

  • The best thing in football is when your team scores a goal.

    It ruins that moment

    It literally ruins them best thing about being a fan

    How anyone can defend it is beyond me

  • Defining, as opposed to opining about, the reasons for the popularity of football is a hard thing to do and not one I'm aware has been done - indeed, not a thing I think could be done. I'd have to think that historical reasons would have a significant part in it, for a start.

    Arguing against VAR on the basis that the people who complain, mostly partially and often irrationally, about refereeing decisions anyway, will argue against this too doesn't sound like a strong argument against a system designed to improve the accuracy of decision-making.

  • And one of the worst things about football is an injustice, quite why fans wouldn’t want less of those is beyond me...

  • I can think of dozens of things worse about football than 'injustice.'

    Remember how you felt when Paul McCarthy scored at Selhurst Road, knowing, in the back of your mind, that the ref was going to spend 90 seconds seeing if Macca was offside would ruin it for you.

  • Well we’re on different sides on those, which is fine - opinions and all that. I will say though, that it is coming, eventually across the leagues, so might be worth coming to terms with...

  • Not if it continues in this shambolic fashion to be sure.

    You and i must watch football for very reasons!

  • Bin it now! It's not needed

  • All you need is goal line technology.

  • Yep, decisions even themselves out, always have always will.

  • edited January 2018

    It's execution is very poor, the potential and intent are not.

  • Have a monitor governed by a 4th official to monitor blatant cheating, then he can inform the ref to book or preferbly send off the offender at any time.
    Like Mr Plant has already stated, 'dont ruin the moment of a goal', The beautiful game has put up with honest mistakes from officials for 150 years, let's not lose what makes football 'not just a sport'.

  • Remember when Gaz scored vs col u with his hand

    Glorious football.

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    I hate to be a misery but football is just a sport, as other sports that people enjoy, even if not in the same numbers, are just sports. At their best, they share the potential to (among other things) generate great emotion and, at their best, worst or anywhere in between, are simply ways in which many of us have spent the past 100 years or so receiving entertainment and distraction.

    For that second reason, I'd be content to carry on without video technology: I agree with @ChasHarps that it's been perfectly possible to put up with the honest mistakes that inevitably occur. But if you're asking me if I'm against a system that would reduce the number of those mistakes, then, unless the interruption to the flow of the event is so great as to significantly impair the enjoyment of the game, I can't say that I am: I have a rational side as well as an emotional one and there is satisfaction in knowing that a victory has been justly earned and a defeat warranted. Human responses, while often instinctive, are malleable and adaptable. Delays to the announcement of a goal would provide a tension that, when relieved, would, I suspect, result in a perfectly satisfactory euphoria.

  • Thank goodness it won't be intoduced any time soon in league 2. Just two extra officials to decide if the ball is clearly over the line that's all you need.

  • First time seeing it in action tonight. Absolutely dreadful. It’ll just end up with every goal being reviewed - how many are there where you can’t find a little nudge or pull that someone can make a big fuss about?

    Even in cricket (a much slower game where it works OK) you see umpires referring run-outs that are clearly not-out just in case. This is what’ll happen here.

    Had to laugh at Steve McManaman saying that the players need to play their part and stop following the referee around, complaining about decisions. That’s going to happen isn’t it?

  • If football is ‘not just a sport’ then can someone define it for me, because that’s exactly what it is and all it is...

  • I fecking hate it. Really think it’s a negative. The only time video should be used is for retrospective punishment of divers. In play VAR just ruins the game. Let’s face it MotD often results in undecided debates about decisions using multiple angles and speeds.
    Takes the joy out of a post football meet up.

  • Where has someone said that football is not just a sport @ray_barone?

  • Professional sport is an industry. Careers in sport may not last as long as careers in other spheres but, for tens of thousands of people, they are just as important.

  • @floyd: @ChasHarps, seven posts above yours.

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