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Luton pubs

Any suggestions as to where to get a decent pint of ale near the Hatters ground?


  • The Conservative Club is ok (although I don’t really recall what they had on tap) and has matchday parking. A short walk from the ground.

  • @Glenactico said:
    The Conservative Club is ok (although I don’t really recall what they had on tap) and has matchday parking. A short walk from the ground how far is the walk as I just looked at it says 45 min walk to the ground.Must be 2 conservative club..

  • Beech Hill Conservative Club on Leagrave Road. 5 minutes walk. Entrance is down the driveway in a row of shops. Worth checking on Google first so you know what to look for otherwise you have to go round the one way again ...

  • Thanks for the information @Twizz and @Glenactico

    Can you remember how much it costs to park there?

  • @Last_Quarter not really. But I'm guessing no more than £5, otherwise I would not have parked there more than once - which I have.

  • An Ipswich Town fan guide issued this summer suggests it costs £4. From your experience, could you say roughly how many spaces there are and/ or what time you think one might need to get there to get one? I'm looking a little tight on time for getting there on Tuesday and this seems the best parking option so keen to use it if I can!

  • Looks like you’re going to have to ask @rmjlondon, @HCblue.

  • @StrongestTeam said:
    Whilst respecting the wishes of those who do, are there any pubs nearby that don't involve our chums from the bullingdon club?

    Very slim pickings from memory, weren't allowed in the town centre pubs, and nothing else within 15 minutes walk.

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    The Bricklayers in Hightown is a short walk from the station so about 10-15 mins walk to the ground. Haven’t been in for a while but was a good pub with decent beer. IIRC it had Hatters memorabilia and some ex players drank there so I wouldn’t wear colours/mouth off. That said a good place for the more mature gasroomer to enjoy a decent pint and chat with locals. I recall talking football sense in there when we lived in Luton a few years ago.

  • @HCblue late reply, sorry. The last couple of visits the Conservative club car park has filled up completely. So I doubt you'll get in if arriving late. I'm hoping to get there about 6:45. If I remember I'll post an update on spaces ...

  • Bloody Luton traffic, if you get here now there are maybe still a couple of spaces if you look. @ HCblue

  • Thanks a lot, @twizz. Squeezed in to the last space in the car park!

  • Yeah thanks @Twizz. Great recommendation and surprisingly quick to get away after the game.

  • @HCblue @Last_Quarter you're welcome. I even managed to get a beer in as my son was at the bar buying just as I arrived. Great evening all round.

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