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Southwell leaves for Guiseley



  • Thanks for the warning. I await his response with trepidation bordering on fear.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle said:
    'average height distribution'


    Ha ha, just read that back. In my defence I work with distributors within technology. Very much a crossover conversation......

  • @glasshalffull said:
    Have you any idea how many levels of excellence he will have passed to get to League 2 level?

    Youโ€™ll soon find out, but Richie hasnโ€™t any idea about anything at all.

  • Wish Southwell nothing but love and good wishes. Always tried, really unlucky that when his form was coming together he got injured. Sadly for him the writing was on the wall when we got the chance to sign CMS. Physically they are similar but CMS has to be trumps on experience and ability (time will tell on that one I guess). I assume GA is confident that Kashket is likely to remain fit now and our embarrassment of riches up front would only see Dayle further marginalised.
    Good luck Dayle. I am sure everyone would love to see you back in the league structure.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub , in fairness, Southwell was barely getting near the team anyway, so it was always likely he'd leave, just whether it'd have been in the summer.

    He could do a decent defensive shift out wide, but offered zero threat from the wide positions. It's nothing against him, it's just how it is for some central players. Hayes was similarly redundant out there.

    Bayo's signing, and us realising he wasn't some sort of "Plan B", but was actually the key to everything, was a big reason for both departing.

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