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Pubs for Sunday Roasts

Can anyone recommend pubs in the Buckinghamshire area for good Sunday roasts? South Bucks ideally.

I know the Chinese takeaway in Great Missenden thread caused a lot of anger, but maybe we can link in WWFC in some way.

Have you ever seen a Wycombe player eating a Roast dinner, for example?

Closest I can think of seeing Matt McCLure abolsutely destroying the carvery in the Pipe Major in his Dagenham tracksuit 25 minutes before kick off.


  • George and Dragon in West Wycombe tends to be my venue of choice. But you can’t get a better pork than the Royal Standard Of England.

    I did once get Neil Smillie’s autograph during a Sunday lunch. I can’t recall where that was, but he was still on the soup course so not sure that counts.

  • I was going to say the Royal Standard of England - excellent Yorkshire puddings

    not sunday roast related, but I did once have a curry on the next table along from Martin O'Neill and Steve Walford. Also saw Ivor Beeks smashing a Chinese up at the Mandarin duck once

  • TheGeneral Havelock on Kingsmead road,Wycombe Marsh Excellent roast for just over £8 Friendly CAMRA pub

  • Not in Wycombe but there was a story a couple of years ago about some Leicester players enjoying a roast in Thailand of all places

  • I feel left out, I don't know any pubs in South Bucks and I've never seen someone from WWFC out and about eating a meal.

    I did see Martin Keown sullenly tucking into what looked like a madras in Jericho once though if that helps?

  • Boxing Day Chicken Kiev was nice and PCH came into the hospitality room after the Newport game and poured himself a coffee. That is all I can offer.

  • I saw Keith Ryan and Danny Senda coming out of the pizza place next to what was Wycombe UCI cinema in the early 2000's. Think it's an Empire now and maybe the pizza place became a Frankie and Bennys, although I haven't been there in well over a decade. No idea where's good for a Sunday lunch in Wycombe these days, but I was delighted by a recent cavery-style all-you-can-eat breakfast in Exmouth that came with unlimited Yorkshire puddings.

  • Not WWFC related but back in the 70’s I had Sunday lunch with family at the Seven Stars in Acton (no longer there). On the table next to me was Stan Bowles

  • I saw Peter Taylor coming out of an Italian in Leeds once. Pre Wycombe think he was at Hull. I moronic ally pointed at him and shouted 'Peter Taylor!' He responded with a very jolly wave and skipped off into the evening.

    Hope that helps

  • I regularly saw Sir Martin ON in the Jasmine Chinese restaurant in Beaconsfield, getting his takeaway. Super bloke, great takeaway as well. Closed now though.

  • If it helps I know where you can get Yorkshire puddings to go with your breakfast fry-up. It is in Yorkshire though.

  • go on then you @bookertease

  • 'Spindle and thread' pub just opened up by Morrisons does a monster carvery. Really decent and good value. It is a chain pub though

  • You can't beat Mark West and his love for Doughnuts from the old Beckfords Bakery in Desborough road. They were fantastic to be fair.

  • Yes, saw Westy in Beckfords many a time when I popped in to fetch my usual chicken and stuffing roll. Sido Jombati was once spotted by a mate in The Polecat in Prestwood and I once saw Martin O'Neill getting a right old ear bashing from his missus in The Octagon's rarely lamented cafe, Carpenters Court.

    For a cracking roast dinner, I would recommend The Blue Danube in Crendon Street.

  • I suppose going on holiday with Nicky Evans at Centre Parcs was also an event. Must have seen him eating.

  • @PPF - come on, you know you want to ... Give us the story from the Original Gasroom about your grandad and the Bucks Sunday roast. That thread was one of my favourites - right up there with the afternoon Oily Sailor and Mr Nice Guy spent making libellous allegations about famous footballers and celebrities, but without any spaces between the words. (Doubtless they'd taken legal advice on this approach.)

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • A word of warning with regard to the Royal Standard of England. My daughter was there a week or two back and thought the food and whole ambience was excellent but she struck an extremely nasty pothole just before she entered the car park.

  • I once struck an extremely dubious hole in the Royal Standard car park when I was 17, but that is a different story

  • @our_frank looking forward to a libellous oily sailor poem today. If @mrnice guy shagged it off that would be the icing on the cakr

  • *shagged. Cake

  • Slagged effing auto correct

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