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  • edited January 2018

    Thanks for this and all your work over the Christmas period, @vital.

    I'd have gone Luke for MOTM but agree Blooms had one of his better games today. I noticed him in the first half for a start, which hasn't always been the case lately!

  • I’d agree with pretty much all of the report and Bloomfield was my MotM too, that’s coming from one who’s not always MB’s biggest fan to say the least.

    I hope FGR stay up given the achievement to get here, but I can’t see it on today’s showing, especially when they had us penned back in the second half but couldn’t find the equaliser. They’ll need a Paul Hayes (first time around) or Trotta equivalent for sure.

  • Much appreciated @HCblue

    The quick turnaround of games has stretched our threadbare squad of writers to the limit.

    If fatigue and the rigours of the festive season have caused some of our recent articles to start well but fade badly in the second half I can only apologise.

    We go again on Saturday.

  • Given your limited budget, I'd say you were overperforming.

  • That young Benjamin lad's recent wordsmithery showed decent promise - I'd give him another go...

  • I heard he'd already been head-hunted.

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