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FA Trophy games this week

A couple of FA Trophy games take place this midweek (fog permitting). Both are Tuesday @ 7.45. Details:

Chesham Utd v Weston-super-Mare
(Postponed from Saturday)

  • Winners home to Workington

Brackley Town v Braintree Town

  • Winners home to Barrow

Some other good ties in the draw:

Wealdstone v Hereford
St Albans City v Harrogate Town
Bognor Regis v Leyton Orient

Unfortunately the next round takes place on January 13th when any self-respecting Wycombe fan will be at Adams Park to see the Blues do the double!!!


  • Update.....

    To avoid a fixture pile-up over Christmas & New Year the Chesham United v Weston-super-Mare FA Trophy tie at the Meadow will be settled tonight (7.45 k.o.).

    Both clubs have agreed to waive a replay and so the match will go to extra-time & penalties if the scores are level after 90 minutes.

  • I'd be surprised if the Chesham game goes ahead to be honest

  • Half-time:
    Chesham United 0 Weston-super-Mare 1

  • Final score:
    Chesham United 0 Weston-super-Mare 2

  • @A_Worboys Interesting that you said both clubs had agreed to scrap the replay. Is there a precedent to do that in this competition? I'm just wondering what's to stop two precious PL sides doing the same in a couple of months when faced with an undesired FA Cup replay, although I appreciate the scale of competition (and therefore scrutiny) is very different.

  • @Last_Quarter I seem to remember alex ferugson suggesting he was going to try and utilise this rule in an FA cup game during a congested fixture list.

    He was rightly shut down by the media and fellow managers, who knew as well as he did the rule was designed to help cash strapped non league teams.

    I hope I'm not making this up because I remember it quite vividly...




    (a) Extra Time and Kicks from the Penalty Mark in First Matches

    If a first match is drawn after 90 minutes, an extra 30 minutes may be played (15 minutes each way). The agreement for the playing of extra time shall be agreed in writing between both Clubs and confirmed in writing by the Home Club to The Association on The Match Arrangement Form which must be received by The Association within seven days of the date of the draw and notified to the Referee on the Official Team Sheet no later than 45 minutes prior to kick-off.

    Clubs may mutually agree, and confirm on the Match Arrangement Form, to determine the winner of a first match drawn after extra time by taking kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with the International Football Association Board procedure. The agreed
    arrangement must be notified to the Referee not later than 45 minutes prior to kick-off."

  • edited December 2017

    I couldn't find the Trophy Rules document for 2017-18 but presumably rule 11(a) is still in operation.

    These are the FA Cup Rules for this season, again rule 11 covers replays, abandoned and postponed matches but no mention of playing extra time and penalties in the first match:

  • You took the words right out of my mouth.....!!!

  • On the wider point, its a little sad , don't you think, that the FA Trophy is now so devalued that clubs would rather get it out the way rather than have the best chance to progress to the next round.

    I noticed yesterday that the quarter finals of the league cup were played out by four effective reserve teams - even midtable Leicester - miles from the top four or relegation trouble - were not apparently overly fussed.

    In early January highly likely that less than half of the Premier league match starters from the game before will start their FA Cup games.

    Which kind of makes it all a bit pointless?

  • The Conference playoff final should be played at the most suitable venue between the locations of the two competing teams and not at Wembley. It would also have a capacity suitable to the two teams ensuring a better atmosphere.
    Then the only way a club could reach Wembley is either via the Trophy or the Vase.

  • Well done to Lincoln, going to Wembley for the first time ever by beating Chelsea U23's on penalties tonight.

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