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Would this have caused a riot at AP?

Apparently Barnet closed their terrace on Saturday against Morecambe. Plus the away stand and East stand. Only the West stand open, to Barnet and Morecambe fans.



  • Thought it looked a bit thin on the ground.

  • If the passion and energy shown by the terrace on Saturday is a guide on the potential of a riot I'd say they would hardly notice. Been a pathetic amount of noise coming from the terrace in recent weeks. Is the banning of the flare crew really making that much difference?

  • Presumably you were doing your best to get some singing going in the Woodlands Righty?

  • I'm sure the banning orders have had an effect. If you ban 5/6 people, that probably reduces the singing group by three times that with mates not going anymore.

    And if any of those people were one of the 5-10 people who ever start the chants then it quickly makes a noticeable difference.

  • Of course I wasn't Eric and to be honest that argument is a pretty weak one isn't it? I passed on that baton my years ago.

  • It's been noticeably quiet lately, I agree, but not, I suggest, for any reason other than it being a bit cold and people not quite being in the shouting state of mind. I've heard of two or three max. being banned this season. At least one of those was less than 16 years old. That's not why things are quiet!

  • So why hasn't the decent home form of recent weeks not put people in a 'shouty state of mind' @HCblue ? My remark about the bans was a flippant one. The more important point for me is that the atmosphere generated from behind the goal has been awful in recent weeks.

  • Perhaps come on down and lead the way.

  • It's a tough one with "atmosphere" isn't it.

    We all agree it's better with one, but very often we look down at the ones who create it as yobbish goons.

  • Another case of the feed me mentality of the youth? Why can't I comment about how poor the atmosphere is without it being reversed on being up to me to resolve it?

    Anything else you want me to fix while we are about it so you can just turn up and have everything you need?

  • @Right_in_the_Middle , you're criticising something that you do nothing to help. That's why people naturally state it. Why is it the "youth" who have to create an atmosphere?

    ps just saying, I probably contribute as little as you, but then i'm not putting their efforts down.

  • Life isn't like that though @Malone . People criticise things all the time that they have no ability or inclination to help with. I can't do anything about the Government sleeping walking us in to a bad Brexit deal. I can't help the amount of roadwork's I have on my way to work or the poor service I get on the trains.

    Some of those on the terrace seem to take great pride in being the ones that make a noise. They've posted it on here and on Facebook. They talk about it around the ground and in the bars. In recent weeks though the noise levels have been poor.

    I'm not going to stride down from my lofty pearch and take over. I just think those that can should. And if they can't or won't just stop going on about how great they are at making a noise.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle if you don't like the Brexit deal write to your MP; join a rival political party; go on demonstrations; write to the newspapers; post on social media.

    If you are unhappy about roadworks meet with your councillors; knock on your neighbours' doors and start a petition; write to your local newspaper.

    If you don't like the service you get on the trains write to the Train Operating Company; post on social media; write to the Department for Transport; investigate alternative methods of travel.

    If you don't like the lack of atmosphere at Adams Park, help create some.

  • One possibility, is the "expectation level" at home. If we are not 1-2 up by 30 minutes, (given our goalscoring record this season), it kind of feels a "bit of a let down". As such the motivation to get the crowd vocal isn't there. What is it the away managers usually say, keep it tight and get the home crowd on their own players backs? Generally what it needs then, is one of the more"vibrant" players to go steaming in to a bone crunching tackle or orchestrate the crowd to up their anti. Perhaps even a "mass brawl" to break out on the pitch? I am not advocating violence BTW, however, history tells me it does provoke the crowd in to "tribal mode" and the vocal decibel levels increase?

  • I had not noticed that the terrace atmosphere had fallen below accepted normal standards. Do I need my ears checking? Pardon?

  • @Right_in_the_Middle if the kids behind the goal are there to make noise, what's your role? What are you offering? Keeping up the quota of criticising other fans whilst wearing a ski jacket?

    Would you be ok if people criticise how you fold your arms and sigh? Technically poor.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle Well done for shaking a man of straw argument of your own concoction so very, very hard. I'm struck and somewhat disheartened by your bitterness toward people you seem not to know for not doing something you don't do yourself and by your readiness to make any number of unfounded assumptions and judgements in order to continue your vein of criticism.

    A churchgoing friend of mine once told me of a chap at a Pentecostal church he'd belonged to who claimed the Spirit had given him the gift of rebuking. While others may speak in tongues, heal the sick or do whatever the HS does in these places, he had the gift of telling people what was wrong with them. That was in London thirty years ago. Has kismet brought that man into my life?

  • @peterparrotface , @aloysius : well put. @Wendoverman: it has been a bit quiet the last few games actually and particularly so on Saturday. Not sure why. A phase presumably. I've been a little disconnected lately having damaged my hearing a few weeks ago - you know us wild, young types - but can't speak for everyone else. @EwanHoosaami: I think you've probably got it or something close to it.

  • Getting back to the original point. It's disgraceful that it happens full stop, but for home fans in a league game I would be complaining very vocal about this.

  • I'd reserve judgement until I knew the reasons.

  • Wycombe Wanderers I admire your plucky League Two spirit and your revival in fortunes over the last few weeks...but if you were to tell me that due to weather conditions and safety fears that you would be closing two stands for the visit of a team from Lancashire...I would say:
    Wycombe! No!

  • I thought a quiet terrace, poor refereeing, lack of news about players personal lives and the banning of the best singers is enough for us to be worrying about...without adding in stand closures at other grounds.

  • There definitely was a subdued atmosphere in the terrace on Saturday. I do enjoy a sing and a chant but I didnโ€™t really feel in the mood for it either so I do personally apologise to the beechdean and Frank Adams stands for not contributing to the atmosphere. But I also feel that it shouldnโ€™t be just up to the terrace to make the noise. Occasionally the Frank Adams gets involved but the beechdean might as well not be there for the amount of atmosphere it creates. To the members of this forum who are bemoaning the lack of singing and chanting please join us at the next home game to make some noise instead of expecting others to. COYB

  • Come and join us in the Beechdean sometimes. I think you'll find we contribute more than our fair share of gallows humour and nostalgic reminiscing to the atmosphere.

  • I'm in the beechdean but am a quiet reflective soul who only interjects the odd swear word, come on wycombe, what the bloody hell was that?, etc. This may be because I drive and therefore do not drink and I have no access to smoke bombs. I can only apologise.

  • @Wendoverman said:
    I'm in the beechdean but am a quiet reflective soul who only interjects the odd swear word, come on wycombe, what the bloody hell was that?, etc. This may be because I drive and therefore do not drink and I have no access to smoke bombs. I can only apologise.

    I understand this is a reliable supplier of smoke bombs!

  • I think my absence may have contributed to the lack of atmosphere on Saturday. I hope to be back in good voice on Boxing Day. There was more noise than usual at the Leatherhead game from what seemed a larger than usual number of younger fans in R Block of the Frank Adams stand.

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