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Coventry 10 for £10 deal



  • OK no problem.
    Updates for those waiting for tickets: No call from the club/Lilly yet so it looks like I will have to buy tomorrow assuming they get the IT running?

  • I can meet you at AP any time between 11am and midday tomorrow if that's any good @EwanHoosaami

  • Further update. Just had the call from the office. IT just up & running. Really can't be travelling across town now, so Lilley is.putting 10 to one side.for me to collect and pay tomorrow. Tickets should be on my hand by 13.00 any of you want to contact me to arrange exchange.

  • Grateful to you for your efforts @EwanHoosaami. Still in for two and will pay you when we meet up on Friday if still ok for that.

  • @EwanHoosaami: I have this mental image of you in the shop, arm outstretched, palm upward and and a Black Friday scene of eager Blues fans swarming round you all trying to snatch tickets.
    Seriously though, I have nothing but admiration for such sterling efforts by all and sundry - not least the redoubtable Lily of course.

  • @EwanHoosaami I sent you a Direct Message yesterday evening. Just let me know when and where is convenient for you and I'll come and pick mine up. Still free to meet you at AP this morning if that suits.

  • Don't blame anyone for taking advantage of a good deal of course, but perhaps worth remembering this thread the next time someone has a bright idea for a foolproof promotion to increase match takings.

    It is very hard to find a way to fairly persuade those who wouldn't have come to attend without the benefits being offset by those who were coming anyway taking advantage of the deal.

  • Surely it's a bid to increase match attendance rather than match takings? I don't disagree about how difficult it is to maximise the revenue per person but in all honesty this and many similar promotions are often a bit of a loss leader to entice the new fan to come with their friends who go regularly. It's a long term strategy.

    Would be interesting to know how many took this deal as it seems to be set a bit high but great work by those who've organised this thread.
    Enjoy the evening.

  • what a terrible post from Dev

  • The lesson here is never try anything as there's no point.

  • was "foolproof" that irked me

    the arrogance of the man summed up in one condescending word choice

    Every post just drips with "I know more than you", "you don't understand things that I understand"

  • I must admit as I am not going I did not bother to read much of this never mind comment on it. Really @DevC let some people have some fun.

  • Right, I have returned from AP with 10 tickets for all who requested. Those that don't know my contact details, pm me and we can arrange for collection/delivery.

  • Good work and thanks, @EwanHoosaami . I'll be in touch to arrange meeting up on Friday. :-)

  • No worries @HCblue speak soon.

  • I'm in Wycombe right now. If you DM me your address I'll come and pick mine up ASAP.

  • edited December 2017

    If anyone ends up with a spare ticket from this offer please let me know, I can meet you outside the ground. Happy to pay more than £10 for the trouble, providing it's less than the £25 it will cost on the gate :)

  • @Swiss_Exile : have a look at the other thread just started where someone is offering a ticket they can no longer use. They're not far from the ground so should be workable.

  • Thanks to @EwanHoosaami . Top job.

  • this is such a lovely thread

    heart warming scenes

  • @HCblue said:
    Swiss_Exile : have a look at the other thread just started where someone is offering a ticket they can no longer use. They're not far from the ground so should be workable.

    Thanks! I actually meant Coventry's ground rather than our ground, I should have been clearer :)

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