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Wycombe supporter look-a-likes

Other thread made me think - do we need an update on Wycombe supporter look-a-likes at the ground?

Can the following still be found on the Valley Terrace, right side:

Ted Heath
Swiss Tony
Ted from Postman Pat
Starving Michael Parkinson
Rochdale's Keith Hill



  • I think Gerry Adams still sits in the Woodlands

  • The Valley Terrace is absolutely rife:

    Willie Nelson
    Jim "Nick Nick" Davidson
    Heston Blumenthal
    Garry Bushell
    Colin Montgomery

  • There was a guy on the right side of the terrace - always wore a wooly hat - that looked like Charles Bronson and a tubby young ginger lad on the left side who my mate pointed out looks like a piece of gammon.

    No idea who Starving Michael Parkinson could be, but the name made me laugh!

  • I suppose it's possible that Heston Blumenthal could in fact be Heston Blumenthal.

  • Samantha Fox sits in the Main stand quite near the tunnel.

    Mr Bean is a regular Woodlands visitor

  • Mr Bean used to be a regular Westminster visitor !!
    Charles Hawtree can often be heard starting a song or chant in the Woodlands.

  • @Jonny_King If he's the one who brings in a african gant snail sets fire to it and then dribbles liquid nitrogen over it before tucking in...that IS Heston.

  • There’s a guy that looks like a bald Barry Chuckle in the upper tier it could be Morris

  • @Wendoverman the perfect accompaniment to a steaming hot cup of 'beefy drink'.

  • @Jonny_King I'm not even going to describe how he makes that...

  • If @Vincey, is around, how about your dad looking a little like Joachim Low?

  • Ted Hanky meets Bernard Bresslaw is a long term Wanderers fan !!
    He once made the hilarious quip at the hapless on loan David Tuttle as he was taking a throw in.
    "Oi Tuttle, if your hear next year, i wont be"

  • @micra , be gentle with him....

  • Hankey / Bresslaw is a good shout (I know exactly who you mean).

    Donald Trump can be seen in an inappropriate left of centre seat in the Woodlands. Fairly near to Alex Ferguson.

    England and Ipswich defender Mick Mills is a long-term supporter who can still seen in the Vere Suite pre-match.

  • Hankey / Bresslaw. Superb

  • There's the zippy/bungle cross who occasionally writes about Wycombe in the tabloids

  • We had a steward that looked like Gerry Adams at one point

  • Darren Lehmann used to be a regular

  • Very occasionally a young Brad Pitt is spotted behind the goal but to be honest I don't get to many games these days...

  • There used to be Denis Waterman and Warren Clarke inpersonators that fooled us in board room every home game when we first moved to Adams Park.

  • @DevC I still go when I cam

  • @peterparrotface you don't post enough. Always quality

  • @Malone said:
    micra , be gentle with him....

    I slipped away from this thread because I only know one or two of the “celebrities” that it seems a remarkable number of Wycombe fans resemble. During games, because I sit in the front row, I don’t see many faces in the crowd but I reckon GA is a composite of CMS and Sam Saunders and there is a young professional dancer on “Strictly” who reminds me a bit of Luke O’Nien (though I’m not saying which bit).
    I haven’t googled Ted Hankey yet but I have a vague mental image of Bernard Bresslaw. No fan comes to mind. I feel strangely envious of this facility that quite a few on here clearly have. I am particularly in awe of @ChasHarps and wouldn’t presume to be anything but gentle.

    I was tempted though.

  • @Keith_Allens_Wig said:
    We had a steward that looked like Gerry Adams at one point

    Yes and at least one Matt Lucas and a Billy Ocean

  • There is a 90s long hair version of Liam Gallagher in the terrace

  • One of the best was a veteran curly haired peroxide Chairboy, who was wonderfully referred to as 'Dirk Kuyt's grandad'.

  • @micra , it was more the inexcusable "your hear", then the overall premise...

  • Rolf from the muppets has been going years

  • I remember often seeing an old fella in the terrace in the late 90’s who was a dead ringer for the fast show character Rowley Birkin QC.

  • @Malone said:
    micra , it was more the inexcusable "your hear", then the overall premise...

    I know. See how I bent over backwards to accentuate the positive (this remarkable facility Chas and others possess) and chose not to offend him by doing my schoolmasterly thing. I’ve still not found a picture of Ted Hankey.

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