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Vote for Sam...


  • Done, at 12.09pm, Sam is second on 23% behind Danny Newton of Stevenage.

  • Tick: 12:23 now 24%

  • Out of loyalty I voted for SS, but to be fair, the Stevenage one is such an archetypal FA Cup goal - almost old-fashioned, in a way. If he won, I wouldn't grumble. Nothing wrong with Sam's, though.

  • these polls are so pointless aren't they?

    such a meaningless accolade

  • wait until we see the one he scores against PNE

  • Beginning to look as if Stevenage are more organised than ourselves at getting votes in!

  • All of these votes are taken over by spamming aren't they?

  • On the subject of voting, I use a scores app called OneFootball.

    Once the game is a fair way through, they ask you to vote on your man of the match. Regardless of performance, Akinfenwa always gets about 30 votes, Eze somewhere between four and six and everyone else zeroes and ones. I think CMS scraped two when he got that hat-trick...

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