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Nice gesture by Peterborough

Peterborough United are giving free tickets for their replay v Woking to the fans who travelled and supported the Posh at Kingfield. A nice gesture as the cost of Christmas starts to mount up.


  • Or a calculated action taken on an assessment that match day takings from tea, hot dogs, programmes, etc. and future goodwill from those taking up the free ticket offer will compensate for or even exceed the potential loss in ticket revenue, when weighed against likely lower attendance and match day revenue if free tickets were not handed out.

  • Hard to be critical (or even cynical) of anything that generates future goodwill from supporters. Also brave to make this announcement before the draw was made, a big club in round 3 would’ve guaranteed a good crowd for the replay whatever.

  • Agreed @Doob, I imagine it would be very difficult to make the case that @Uncle_T suggests, even though it may make (common) sense. However calculated, it certainly ends up in the 'Nice gesture' book to me.

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