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Leatherhead game at home - Altercation

I just would like to apologise for the Altercation with a Father & Son from Leatherhead in the Frank Adams stand.
We are nearly all season ticket holders in the upper tier block P, yet every week, it seems that there are Away fans in our block.
Come on officials from Wycombe Wanderers, sort it out.


  • I heard about this yesterday. What happened to cause that situation to happen?

  • What brought out your gobbiness @thegobby_one ?

  • They started mouthing off

  • No one minds away fans in the wrong end if they sit quietly.

    But if they start cheering, or mouthing off that will cause some ructions, even amongst our softer, politer fans.
    Seems pretty obvious!

  • All ticket in the Leatherhead end but empty seats available in the away end, I'm guessing?

  • @Malone if they start "cheering"?

    Pretty shameful if that's all it takes to start "ructions"

  • @thegobby_one how old was this chap's son, if you don't mind me asking?

  • @the gobby_one, it is possible that the tickets for the 2 visitors were purchased by a WWFC fan(season ticket holder?) who could not make the match.

    @Malone a man and his son cheering is hardly likely to endanger either our players or even our supporters. If there had been a group of about 12 then that would be a different issue.

  • He said he brought them online off our website

  • I was in Q and noticed the Stewards but not the altercation that triggered them. Shame if it upset folk nearby as it was a good day for both sets of fans overall.

  • Never really bothered me as ive done it quite often watchin Everton and Wycombe games, i'm sure givin the option most fans would prefer to sit surrounded by there own supporters but its not always the case.

    The only time ive had a problem was the other week as we had Atalanta fans spread out everywhere, tensions were running high after the trouble the day before and on the day itself.

  • It's one of those fairly obvious things. If you're in the wrong end don't celebrate.

  • I remember the Bristol Rovers away FA cup tie on a Sunday. The days when there was a ballot for the 1200 or so away tkts.
    Quite a few Wanderers fans that had not been able to get the away tkts, infiltertrated the cow shed on the side of Twerton Park.
    Just after kick off 40 or 50 blues fans appeared to congerate together and started singing Wanderers songs, almost immediately Stewards and police escorted this group of fans into the away end. So on this occassion cheering for your team in the wrong end benefitted you .

  • I remember walking away from the away end after that game, a Rovers fan approached someone just in front of me

    "are you Wycombe?"

    whack - punched him straight in the mouth and then walked off

    They've always been bad losers, that lot

  • Ha, It was a pig of a day if you were a Rovers fan that day!!

  • that is shocking from Parrrrrrkin

  • I was in the home end, fighting to keep my hands in my pockets rather than punching the air deliriously, when Wavy Davy's late winner went in. Great days.

  • @Kimble_Blue Got to be one of the best. What amazing support we had that day as well.

  • For your viewing, and listening, pleasure.

  • Thanks for that floyd, you could listen to that commentator all day long and not get bored.

  • Ooh arrrh ooh aaarrh!

  • @ryan_w_kirkby said:
    Thanks for that floyd, you could listen to that commentator all day long and not get bored.

    It's a shame @eric_plant's commentary career was so brief.

  • you'll never catch me speaking with a Bristolian accent pal

    how vulgar

  • What a great clip!
    Remembered the Parkin screw up, and at the time thinking what a shocking keeper. We weren't laughing when he turned up in our net were we!

    Had forgotten the other goals.
    Dreadful keeping from Hyde? Or was that either deflected, or an exceptionally windy day? Hard to tell from the clip.

    Strange defending from the Rovers guy when Scott turns him too. Just falls over!

  • edited December 2017

    Remember after one Bristol Rovers game at Adams Park seeing a Rovers fan booting a primary school aged Wycombe supporting kid and having to be pulled away by his mate.

    Of course, the vast majority are decent fans, but they do have some right specimens amongst their support

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