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The Opposition View - Leatherhead


  • edited December 2017

    Nice one, @vital. Think it's a bit of an overstatement to say they were the better side for ages, but it was as close a game as many we've had in the league this season. Agree about the ref, though he was bad for both teams. Frankly, it's not surprising the Leatherhead fans made more noise: 'tis the nature of the beast at these ties, isn't it? Just like we outsung Spurs last year.

    And it won't stay with me long, but the abuse of Bayo (at the game, not in these comments) was as misplaced as it gets. He took it with characteristic grace.

  • The manger is a bit deluded. We could and probably should of had another 4 in that 2nd half. Bayo alone could have had a hat trick. Someone can't add up either, I expect he means a quarter not a third!

  • You can see where he's coming from (especially given this was a reaction just after the match, not long after he'd not helped his side's cause by getting himself all wound up over nothing) as they had a goal, a one-on-one (albeit at a tight angle) and a header off the bar, all in the first 10 minutes. However...

    We had 27 shots (11 on target) - I believe that's the highest we've had in any match for a very long time. All the stats are clearly in our favour. But "ifs buts and maybes" are what helps plucky losers get through the pain.

    At Spurs last year I deluded myself that we could've been 4 or 5 up at half time, conveniently forgetting how many chances Son had spurned.

  • Excellent post @LeedsBlue. And, regarding the size of their following, I think we can be generous over a 3% error @M3G ! It was the equivalent of 10,000 Wycombe fans going to White Hart Lane.

  • I think the Leatherhead fans broke the record for the number of discarded beer cans and bottles in Hillbottom Road before the game. The smell of alcohol took me back to the old England Scotland games of the 70's and 80's.
    Maybe that clouded their views of the game a bit because I thought after a lively 20 min spell at the start they offered very little and run out of steam quicker than any team I've seen us play in ages.
    The main leveller was an awful ref who could have made a game changing decision at any point. I'm sure he'll be really proud of his spot for the penalty but then failed to see similar shirt tugs after that. He used yellow cards to manage the game and although I don't think the Leatherhead manager could complain about the second yellow he could about the first one.
    One thing I didn't feel after the game was much sympathy for Leatherhead. Last year Stourbridge was brilliant but this time around I thought Leatherhead cheated and moaned like any League Two side but were just not that good at doing it. The honest, hard working endeavour of the two centre backs wasn't really matched by the senior management on the pitch. I thought they let the others down.
    One last point. Bayo's goal really was a thing of beauty wasn't it?? Brilliant cross giving him ever opportunity for a picture perfect finish.

  • Good post @Right_in_the_Middle, I think you've summed it up nicely. Bayo's goal was excellent and Sam Saunders commented in the Vere after the match that Bayo had; "Floated like a butterfly and landed like a whale!". What a fantastic dressing room atmosphere we must have. That's the real magic that Gaz brings IMHO and long may it continue.

  • Yet another excellent post. This one from @Right_in_the_Middle .

  • That sort of is doing a lot of work in 'he had me sort of in a headlock'.

  • Unbelievable that anyone could question Moore's first yellow

    He rakes his studs onto Bloomfield's ankle and it could have been a lot worse. Lucky not to see red for that alone.

  • I'm questioning the first yellow so believe @DJWYC14 . Haven't seen any highlights or replays of it but in first viewing I thought they fell in to each other.
    One thing I hope we can agree on is that the manager let down his side yesterday. The actions of him (and his assistant for that matter) were at odds to the way the rest of the Leatherhead team played.

  • You wouldn't question it if you saw a replay. The comparison with the Pogba red is a good one in my opinion, I think a yellow card was about right, but it wasn't a great challenge at all.

  • I've seen the Moore challenge once and the never seen the Pogba one. I'll leave the debate to those who've seen it all on TV. I only saw it live once and I thought it was a harsh free kick on that one view.

  • You can watch the highlights on the BBC website @Right_in_the_Middle . Moore treads his foot on Bloomfield's ankle which is planted on the ground. Just watch it and you'll realise that questioning it is a bit silly. Lucky to only get a yellow if anything

  • @DJWYC14 - To be fair, when I saw the foul on Bloomfield from the Woodlands I thought the ref was having a mare giving that, though the camera from the reverse angle shows it was definitely a foul.

    Re: Leatherhead fans' comments on the home attendance, the fact it was the third home game in three weekends and (they may scarcely believe it) Leatherhead are hardly top-drawer opposition that are likely to attract casual floating fans to a professional club. That said they had good support and made for a good atmosphere.

    The comments on our hospitality and treatment of visitors are very good to hear, having a reputation for being a good away day can only do the club's finances good.

  • To Be fair I have seen it reported as 3350 instead of 3850 on a few tweets. So maybe some confusion.

  • I saw the match live @DJWYC14 . Why would I want to watch the same thing again from almost the same angle as I saw it first time?
    I don't doubt your claims the TV footage made it look worse than when I saw it and quite honestly it doesn't really matter either way. I thought it was harsh on first viewing and even if I watched the replay 50 times and agreed with you it wouldn't change what I felt at the time.
    Just out of interest did you agree with the Leatherhead penalty decision after watched it on the highlights?

  • @Right_in_the_Middle Have you ever considered that sometimes, in a split section, one's perception can be wrong?

  • I have considered that option. That wasn't the point made though.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle you've kind of entered the debate yourself by questioning the decision.

    The evidence is there if you want to see it - helps to clear up that it is a minimum yellow card.

    To answer your other question I could at least see why the referee gave the penalty (which I couldn't at the time as I didn't see any foul). Still think it is soft though. As Akinfenwa said after the game, if that is being given then there are about 10 penalties per game to be awarded for various shirt pulls and wrestling in the box

  • It doesn't really matter after the event though does it @DJWYC14 ? I thought both decisions were odd at the time and I watched the whole game thinking that. It dictated my thinking for the rest of the game.
    To later find out the ref was probably right in both cases doesn't affect the feeling I have for both decisions. I'm not questioning your view of the tackle, just that it took you watching it on a video after the match to see it. Personally I prefer to remember matches how I saw them. I hardly ever watch a Wycombe match back on video

  • So when you're chatting about a match you'd rather just be ignorant in your opinion?

  • The Moore tackle on Bloomfield looked horrible on tv. Have to admit I didn'tnotice it at all at the time. I'll give Moore the benefit of the doubt and would say it was probably accidental and the yellow card was correct. If there was any intent, then it would be a definate red.

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