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WWFC 2 - West Ham 0

Well done chaps, |Gaz on the bench and mains rested. WDH and Sido on the scoresheet. No injuries (I think).


  • Attendance 699
    Cracking goal from Sido played right mid field
    Eze ran the game
    Nick F ran his socks off
    Keeper good early double save, good distribution, looked sound
    Hammers anonymous
    £10k profit in the bank, thank you and good night

  • Good performance last night.

    Not exactly men against boys (which it technically was) but we were the better team throughout and deserved the win.

    Interesting to see us play 3-5-2 for a whole game. Sido seemed to relish the opportunity to play a bit higher up the pitch and the back three of WDH, Scarr and El-Abd looked comfortable. Reserve goalkeeper wasn’t bad either.

    Shame we were so insipid in our first two group matches as it finally looked like we’d figured out a way of playing without Bayo.

  • Good to bank £10k, and give run outs to a few players who wouldn't normally be starters.
    Always good to win, and onto the more important cup next

  • A win, no injuries and some confidence boosting goals and a clean sheet, about all you can ask dor in a dead rubber in a dying competition.

    Is 699 our lowest attendance for a competitive fixture at AP? That would be nice.

  • I know it's risking it a little but I'd be very tempted to play the same team and formation against Leatherhead, with either Bloomfield or Bean for Eze (assuming Williams can play).

  • @aloysius No thank you. Imagine if we throw away another potential White Hart Lane day out and all the benefits associated with that because we play an inexperienced left back.

  • Well I don’t think that’s going to happen.

  • Richie's criticism of Sido after Accrington has obviously concentrated his mind.

  • I kind of agree aloysius. It'd be bold but if you don't try new things you never find anything out.

    We had a good shape last night, it suited our players and our (current) style of play. i too would like to see it used again.

    The left wing back slot is probably the issue. Williams has done ok but does he really merit a place in our first eleven?

    I think JJ would probably be better suited on the left side of the defensive three as the wing back role demands a level of athleticism that may not suit his game.

    Shame we don't still have Sam Wood who'd be perfect for that role.

    Maybe in the January transfer window we need took at finding a left footed midfielder/winger who can play wing-back if we opt to change shape for some matches.

    Maidenhead's Harry Pritchard might be a decent option.

  • Don't quite understand why we would want to try a new formation? We've been doing well in the league, and yesterday was just a freebie, anything would do, with any old iron of a lineup. Our main strengths are midfield and forwards, so taking one away to be a defender doesn't seem to work to me.

    Saturday is a different kettle of fish.

  • Sorry but I don't think there's a hope in hell's chance of a formation switch for Leatherhead.

    I'd expect GA to pick his strongest possible side for what is the biggest game of our season so far (financially and in terms of potential 3rd round reward), something like:

    Brown; Sido El Abd Stewart JJ; O'Nien Blooms Saunders; Mackail-Smith Akinfenwa PCH

    Possible start for Freeman instead of PCH but I'd probably expect us to stick with PCH. Equally Bean can count his recent demotion to the bench a little unfortunate but with Eze cup tied I would expect Saunders in.

  • Same side but Bean for Blooms. I think the balance of Bean in the holding role, Saunders the play-maker and O’Nien up and down the park would be a good blend with Eze unable to play.

  • Is Gape back with the squad now?

  • Beano recovering from slight injury otherwise in an Eze cup tied game a fit Beano would be first on team sheet.

  • I wouldn't change the team setup, but if any key players do have knocks I would use this week to give them a chance to recover by not starting them, whereas if it was a league game they'd play anyway.

  • @perfidious_albion , first name? Never ever ever.
    Bayo is absolute first name. After that it's up for debate. But I wouldn't think Bean would be too high up, however well he's been playing this year.

  • It may depend on whether the team sheet gets filled out alphabetically (Still Akinfenwa) by number (Brown) from shortest to tallest (Gape) from most Egyptian to least (El Abd)...

  • @Shev said:
    It may depend on whether the team sheet gets filled out alphabetically (Still Akinfenwa) by number (Brown) from shortest to tallest (Gape) from most Egyptian to least (El Abd)...

    Longest hair - Beano

  • Shortest hair, Akinfenwa.

  • Oldest - Tyson

  • Most abused?? Changes from week to week

  • Youngest, Eze.

  • Most tattoos, Edinburgh.

  • That took me a second Micra!

  • Justin time.

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