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It's FA Cup week



  • Just getting the small group together and arranging tickets today. COYB!

  • @LX1 said:

    Will do.

  • We’re non-ST holders managing to get their tickets okay? I was worried people would miss out

  • Any inside knowledge on the number of tickets we've sold yet? I'm guessing we'll manage about 3800 giving a total gate of 4700. I hope it's a lot more of course.

  • Is the match all ticket then? I am a ST owner but am expecting to just buy on the day.

  • LX1LX1
    edited November 2017

    A lot of people may be disappointed. Was this issue raised at the AGM?

  • Is the match all ticket? Why would it be

  • There's nothing on the website that says it's all ticket.

  • What a curious almost Chinese whispers thread!

  • The match is all ticket for away supporters. Home supporters can pay on the day at the gate, as advised by the ticket office

  • Was there a focus group to decidentify this?

  • Funny how threads can pan out, as I'd only asked how many tickets we'd sold so far. Here's hoping that pay on the day will bump up the gate way beyond my predictions.

  • I think you are missing something valley

  • A couple of points. Season Ticket holders had until last Friday (24 November) to pay for their usual seats.
    I didn’t know that home fans could pay on the day. With the cold easing over the weekend and just a few spits and spots forecast, let’s hope a fair number will indeed do just that.

  • Valid point @micra as I didn't know home fans could pay on the day either. I guess it's simply down to assumption by me and not looking closely at the club ticket selling statement regarding the match! I would however say that the club are also making assumptions, in that they're 'in the know' and they assume we all know too (as it doesn't say either all ticket or pay on the day). An observation, not a criticism.

  • Why wouldn't be people be allowed to pay on the day? Half the ground will be empty?

  • I’d prefer to say half the ground will be full.

  • Surely at Wycombe's level, any game is pay on day, unless stated.
    Why would you need telling you can pay on the day? That's normal!

  • I am completely out of touch with matchday arrangements, I’m afraid, having been a season ticket holder for nearly 50 years!

  • Cup tickets aren't ever included though are they?
    So again, unless stated, why wouldn't they be available on the day?

  • I never thought I'd see the day when folk were fretting about whether a game at home to Leatherhead is all ticket or not

    I hope no fans of other clubs ever read this stuff

    Was bad enough when Righty was harping on about Solihull ticket allocation

  • I had every right to harp on about that Eric. I'll do the same thing next time it happens too.

    Interesting thread on how people assume different thing. The club want to promote buying tickets before the day and assume people know that they can still pay on the day. It seems some don't get that part. Wonder if this has led to anyone not going to a game? I hope not but in a world where Donald Trump's twitter account is on the news most nights I'm not so sure.

  • Probably the most pointless discussion I've ever bothered to look at. ;-)

  • Yes indeed @M3G, no points in the FAC ;-)

  • Klaxonworthy @ValleyWanderer :-)

  • Oh, so the semi-colon makes a wink. Isn’t that old hat

  • I included one in that last post so, no, they don’t.

  • @Malone said:
    Cup tickets aren't ever included though are they?
    So again, unless stated, why wouldn't they be available on the day?

    Correct, Malone. So we have to get a ticket pronto (for our regular seat) before the vultures descend. On matchday irrelevant. Case rested.

  • Who would have thought this thread would have developed as it had? The wondrous gasroom

  • We love it though.......

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