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500 Club Renewals - Make a Donation Site

OK, so I thought time to renew my 500 Club and tried in the Vere at last week's Crawley match but they were having technical difficulties and couldn't help. So I followed the link from the recent email; followed instructions and then discovered that I didn't know my password (probably because I joined pre-match in the Vere Suite last season and the guys did the electronic bit). The Make a Donation site said I was already registered under my email address and wouldn't let me re-register but suggested password reset/reminder button. Tried this several times but no joy so far. Sent a voice message to the MaD organisation and also an email. So far I've had a reply from a David Finch saying he's out of the office but will have a look later this afternoon. I also tried the WWFC Official site but I just couldn't find any mention of the 500 Club at all. I never realised that it would be this difficult to give money away! Anyone else had problems? All seems very amateur somehow (or it could be me being a certain age).


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