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Need our striking options back!

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Think tonight proves how much we need the return of Tyson, Umerah and Kashket. Would not be surprised to hear the reason why CMS came off is because he's knackered. Hope Saunders and Gape are available for Saturday as well.


  • Accrington we're good though. Best laid plans failed Gape and Saunders would have improved the team.

  • Would Gape really have improved the team playing right back? Ahead of one of the most skillful and entertaining right backs we've had at the club in recent years?

    This season Gareth's keenness to fit square pegs in round holes has dissipated somewhat - until Harriman's injury at any rate. I for one am very pleased to see Jombati back where be belongs.

  • @aloysius Yes. Jombati has been very poor recently and had a shocker last night I’m afraid.

  • Getting a couple of our injured strikers back would be great wouldn't it. Especially as we seem to have to score three to get anything out of a game.

  • Sido was shocking as was Cowan Hall’s marking for the goal.

  • Tin hats in third beat us by one goal!

  • Welcome back Richie. I was getting worried

  • I was there we were well off the pace after the first 15 mins

  • Who was minding the shop?

  • Watching CMS walking off the pitch at half time last night I have a feeling that he may have picked up some sort of groin injury. Hope I'm wrong though.

  • We do seem to be seriously running out of fit players. GA said that Bayo hasn't been fully fit as well. If CMS is unfit for the weekend let's hope that Sammy and Gape are short term absences otherwise it's 3 on the bench...

  • On the face of it, losing to a top 3 team away, after a long trip isn't a disaster. But losing aways is becoming a habit after such a good run without.

    The way our forwards are dropping we may have to revert to Southwell out wide as a starter soon, which hasn't worked at all.
    Bayo last season said something about how Southwell would be our "top scorer". Before Kashket had got going, and before the Beast was the absolute starter, so he must have had faith in him.

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  • What are Southwell's strengths, other than enthusiasm and workrate?

  • Good finisher if played more centrally?

  • Have we any hard evidence that he can actually do this at our level Eric? Any striker should be able to show some promise and be a goal threat even when played wide.

  • don't ask me

  • I have to admit at being more than a little concerned over Saunders. Looking at his record with us, (I haven't actually looked!), has he become a bit of a "sick note"?

  • Don’t be, @EwanHoosaami. He is motivated to play as often as possible (if hearsay about appearance bonuses is to be believed) and I gather he returned home early on Tuesday with a stomach bug. I rather hope he gave it to CMS as tummy bugs generally clear up faster than groin strains. Clutching at straws, I did wonder if his hand position (clutching at his groin) might indeed be related to the former.

  • While we have Eze, Saunders isn't a worry. We'll need him to revert to being the main man in midfield in Jan onwards though!

  • Saunders doesn't like long trips on cold nights.

  • If you were there Richie you will know it wasn’t at all cold on Tuesday.

  • It's cold for Richie as his mum has the central heating on full blast to keep her little cherub nice and cosy.

  • As demonstrated by his goal of the season contender at Carlisle I guess @rmjlondon

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