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Rain forecast tomorrow

Hopefully they let us down the side as in previous seasons!


  • Don’t let the side down @LX1 .

  • Struggling to remember the last time it didn't rain.

  • Judging by Saturday, we do quite well in the rain ATM.

  • It's the bloody pitch. Nightmare every year it's touch and go. Only got passed fit 30 minutes before kick off last year.

  • Yeah, I should have though a little more deeply about that before my comment!

  • Has it ever not rained at accy?

  • The pitch looked pretty good on Saturday but, subject to confirmation by locals, I don’t think there had been much rain there for several days. With heavy rain forecast overnight tonight and again tomorrow afternoon/evening, the chances of a pitch that plays as well as ours did on Saturday don’t look that great. Fingers crossed all round.

  • pitch is ok now. looking forward too it.

  • Accy in mid to late November has got to be better than Accy between December and Feb, so we've half got away with it.

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